Another solar-powered car on sale soon

Another solar-powered car on sale soon

I'm Zion
The German startup company Sono Motors presented its first car with solar cells - the Zion model, which will be on sale in 2023.

The company has been working on the prototype for a full nine years, and the result is a vehicle equipped with 248 solar cells that can replenish the vehicle for an additional 245 km on a weekly basis. This means that solar charging will be enough for city driving or short distances, while for a longer range the battery can be charged on standard chargers or home sockets. With a full battery, the Zion can cover 305 km, and charging on a fast charger up to 80 percent takes 35 minutes.

Apart from solar cells, another novelty makes this model unique. Namely, the vehicle is equipped with V2X technology, which enables Sion to serve as an electrical storage and power devices, other electric vehicles, and even entire houses.

Those who want to use solar energy in their homes can order a Sono two-way wall charger through which they can power the vehicle or use electricity from the car battery for household needs for a full five days.

The company has also developed the Sono application, which will enable users to determine the amount of electricity that the vehicle will deliver.

Orders for Zion have already been opened, and the company announced that 16,000 reservations have arrived so far. The price of this model is 28,500 euros.

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