Ford F-150 arrives in Europe
Ford F-150 arrives in Europe

Ford F-150 arrives in Europe

Hedin US Motor AB, a branch of the Hedin Mobility Group, will import the F-150 pickup truck into Europe with the blessing of Ford Motor Company.

"The Ford F-150 is the world's best-selling pickup truck for a reason, so we're thrilled to expand our group's import sector by bringing the American icon to Europe," said the company's founder and No. 1 man, Anders Hedin. "We look forward to offering European dealerships the F-150 family of vehicles, complete with a full service program, warranties, spare parts and accessories," added Anders Larkvist, CEO of Hedin US Motor AB.

Sales are scheduled to begin in November 2022. Pricing information is currently unavailable, but what we do know is that other European markets will follow the lead of Germany and Sweden, where buyers are presented with three options, starting with the Coyote V8-powered Lariat. The PowerBoost hybrid Limited and EcoBoost Raptor are also on their way to the Old Continent.

What may be a bit surprising is that there is no electric Lightning among the selections, but on the other hand it is also understandable, since Ford can hardly cope with the demand on domestic soil. The importer doesn't mention what cabin configurations are in the game, although we do know that the Raptor comes in a SuperCrew variant.

The Lariat is available in the US in SuperCab and SuperCrew trims, while the Limited can be configured as a SuperCrew. The logical conclusion would be that Hedin ordered SuperCrew models throughout the range.

As for pricing, the net price for the four-door Lariat with the 5.0-liter Coyote V8 engine is $54,545. The Limited powered by the PowerBoost hybrid system costs $81,465, while the Raptor costs $72,520.

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