Lexus LF-Z
Lexus LF-Z

Lexus LF-Z: A crossover that heralds a different brand style

By 2025, more than 10 new Lexus will be electrified - electric and hybrid models are arriving.

The Lexus LF-Z concept is an electric car that Lexus says represents everything that can be expected from a brand in terms of design and technology by 2005.

The basis of the luxury crossover concept is a platform intended for electric models that uses DIRECT4 technology to control 4 × 4 drive power, maximizing the current reaction of the electric motor force for free wheel control.

Lexus adds that this technology controls the distribution of power on the wheels and can work in configurations with front, rear or all-wheel drive.

They did not reveal all the details about the car's key hardware components, except for the fact that it has a "steer-by-wire" electric control system.

In addition, the design language has been redefined, in this case with a silhouette reminiscent of coupe-crossovers.

The vehicle’s short front and rear overhangs are immediately eye-catching, as are the large wheels, while the rear end of the LF-Z concept is particularly intriguing and includes complex LED lighting as well as a third brake light mounted in the bumper.

Lexus says that the interior of the vehicle is designed according to the guidelines of the "Tazuna" concept.

In addition to the premiere of the LF-Z concept itself, Lexus has announced a plan to introduce 20 new or improved models by 2025. More than 10 of them will be electrified, including the fully electric model, plug-in hybrids and traditional hybrids, all depending on the market.

It has also announced an expansion of the range of sedans and SUVs, and will also "strive for new sports models that continue to provide driving fun."

The Japanese carmaker wants to offer electric variants of all its models by 2025 with the idea that electric vehicle sales will exceed gasoline-powered car sales by that date.

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