New matte colors for Audi TT and Q3

New matte colors for Audi TT and Q3

Although it is widely mentioned that the Audi TT is about to retire in Ingolstadt, they have not given up on their sports car, which is offered in two body shapes (Coupé and Roadster) and is considered a convenient alternative for Porsche's Cayman / Boxster duo.

Potential buyers of TT can count on the list of additional options expanded with three new matte body colors (Daytona gray, Florett silver and Python yellow) that can be ordered with both body options, and in Germany for some of these colors should be allocated additional 4,800 euros.

Matte colors are also offered at the same price to customers of the much more practical Audi Q3, but in the case of Audi's Python SUV, yellow has been replaced by Dew silver, which is not offered in combination with the less practical (but much more fun) TT.

Ten robots at the Győr plant in Hungary are responsible for applying the five coats of Audi's complex matte collection, followed by a rigorous final layer thickness and paint quality control with the help of top experts.


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