New technology, new problems: Porsche Taycan canceled
New technology, new problems: Porsche Taycan canceled

New technology, new problems: Porsche Taycan canceled

We are used to witnessing model recalls every year due to problems with the engine, brakes or some other integral part of the car, but modern technologies bring some new problems. Porsche has recalled 43,000 units of the Taycan and Taycan Cross Turismo models produced before June this year due to a serious software error.

Modern cars, and especially electric ones, depend much more on software, so even one small coding error could make a very serious situation, as it has happened now. During internal tests, Porsche discovered that due to a software error, the electric motors could be turned off while the vehicle was in motion.

In the event of an engine shutdown, Taycan displays a message on the instrument panel informing the driver that the vehicle needs to be moved to a safe place. The good news is that even when the engine is turned off, the steering and brakes remain in function. According to the German company, if this situation happens on the highway, the driver has about 90 seconds left to find a place where he can safely stop the vehicle.

As Autocar writes, the Porsche Taycan can be restarted after stopping, which means drivers and passengers will not be left parked next to the road. The statement said there were no specific conditions affecting the engine shutdown and that this discomfort could occur at any speed. Owners are invited to visit the dealer in order to do a software upgrade because it is not possible via the Internet, and this process takes an average of an hour.

Porsche has confirmed that the hybrid models of the Panamera and Cayenne are not affected by this problem, as the elements of the electric drive are completely different from those in Taycan. However, the Audi E-tron GT, which shares a lot with Taycan, also has the same software bug, although the Ingolstadt-based company has already serviced most of its cars, which was not a problem as this electric Audi almost hit the market and was not sold in large numbers. specimens.

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