SP Automotive Chaos with 3107HP

SP Automotive Chaos with 3107HP

* Chaos is a creation of the Greek company Spyros Panopoulos Automotive, and is powered by a 4.0-liter V10 twin-turbo engine

* All-wheel drive, and a dual-clutch transmission with seven or eight gears

* There are two versions on offer, with the "Earth Version" having 1528 kW / 2077hp and 1389 Nm, accelerating to 100 km / h in 1.9 seconds and a quarter mile (402 meters) in 8.1 seconds

* The more powerful "Zero Gravity" variant has as much as 2285 kW / 3107HP and 1984 Nm, reaches 100 km / h in 1.55 seconds and crosses a quarter mile in 7.5 seconds

* The highest speed according to the announcements is more than 500 km / h (an attempt to break the record for the fastest production car will take place on the Ehra-Lessien track and the sponsor will be Red Bull)

* Length is 5053 mm, width 2068 mm, height 1121 mm, wheelbase 2854 mm, while weight is 1272 kg or 1388 kg

* Materials such as carbon fiber, Kevlar and titanium are used, and there is also a steering wheel with integrated touch screen, Inconel exhaust system, carbon-ceramic brakes and 21 and 22 inch wheels

* It is planned to make 20 copies for each continent, and the cars will be sold by Sotheby’s

* The first deliveries have been announced for next year, at a price of 5.5 million euros for the base version and 12.4 million euros for the top version with 3107HP and all options

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