Study: Electric cars more expensive to repair than gasoline and diesel

Study: Electric cars more expensive to repair than gasoline and diesel

The key questions with electric cars are whether they are more prone to self-ignition than gasoline and diesel and how much their repairs cost after accidents or breakdowns. Allianz tried to answer all that with a big study.

According to the HAK Review, according to a study conducted by Allianz, electric cars are significantly more expensive to repair after accidents than conventional cars. Accordingly, in casco insurance, the average claims costs for purely electric cars are ten percent higher, and for plug-in hybrids the bills are as much as 50 percent higher. In Allianz, they did not state, but we can assume that the biggest problem with plug-in hybrids are the batteries, which are located in the rear of the vehicle and are certainly sensitive to rear-end collisions with cars. In electric vehicles, the battery is in the floor and is a little more protected.

Batteries in electric cars cost up to 20,000 euros and each repair is extremely expensive. This is something you should also think about when buying a used electric car, which is out of warranty.

Unbelievable, but some manufacturers prescribe the replacement of batteries on electric vehicles after activating the airbags. A set of cables in electric cars can cost around 7,000 euros, so some manufacturers equip them with protective covers so that they are not bitten by kuna, mice and other mammals that they see as a meal.

Finally, according to the study, electric vehicles do not break down more than petrol and diesel and are not more prone to self-ignition.


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