The first photos of the new crossover from Kamaz!

The first photos of the new crossover from Kamaz!

Despite the fact that Kamaz is a well-known name in the truck industry, one should not ignore the fact that heavy commercial vehicles are still, as their name suggests, still vehicles, as it should be borne in mind that the Russian company is in partnership with Daimler Group. All this should be additionally spiced up by reminding that Kamaz recently presented a promising electric car called "Kama-1".

Knowing all this, one should not be surprised by the news coming from the Urals, according to which the company intends to launch a crossover.

As of last week, the global network is richer with pictures of the new crossover, which has been announced to debut for the 2021-2022 season, under the name KamAZ-65115. The photos reveal that the novelty will be adorned with a familiar but also original style.

The relief visible on the sides of the Russian crossover makes it akin to the style of Volkswagen, while in the zone of the door handles there is a decorative recess, which makes the vehicle even more attractive on that side. Additionally, the SUV will get plastic formwork all around the vehicle, in the characteristic lower section of the sides, with special emphasis on the zones above the wheel arches.

The function of this element is not only protective, but also makes the crossover look wider. Furthermore, on the nose of the passenger Kamaz with an elevated seating position, there will be a radiator grille with wider lamellas, as well as a non-standard bumper. The most visible details on the rear of the crossover relate to the compact windshield, large signal groups made in LED technology, as well as a pair of double pipe ends of the exhaust system.

It is most likely that the novelty will be borrowed from the drivetrain from, as we wrote in the introduction, a cousin crossover named Mercedes-Benz GLA. The newcomer will face the large-series SUVs, Renault Kaptur and Volkswagen Taos in the (home) market.

A suitable engine for the Russian SUV will certainly be the 1.3-liter turbo gasoline that delivers 150 horsepower, and which we have met in numerous three-pointed star and "losanza" vehicles. This drive unit is paired with a six-speed automatic transmission. However, it is possible that the introductory version of the newcomer will have a manual transmission.

Kamaz's crossover should not cost more than a million Russian rubles, at least in the basic edition. In our money, the basic price would be around 11,700 euros.

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