The Nissan Micra may not be the nicest used but it is very reliable

The Nissan Micra may not be the nicest used but it is very reliable

The fourth-generation Nissan Micra is one of the city's little ones, which was not easy to fight in the used car market. The competition is numerous, and the market is traditionally in favor of European models. Rare are those who have decided to market this model guided by reliability statistics in which the Micra stands better than the European competition.

The design outside the conservative framework of the classic customer also contributes to a slightly lower popularity. Still, the Micra doesn’t look bad at all. It is true that the eye of the observer needs a little time to accept the five-door puffy form with the sympathetically sad look of the front and rear, but overall the design fits quite well into European urban scenes.

Inside, the Micra pleasantly surprises anyone who isn’t too familiar with it. Considering the dimensions under four meters, there is an unexpected lot in the rear, the trunk is decent, and the likable and practical driving environment with a lot of handy compartments in more expensive equipment packages like the one in the photos, offers a small dose of prestige.

According to the Auto Club, you can count on comfortable seats and comfortable fabrics, but also hard, albeit flawlessly processed plastic, which is typical for small Japanese cars from ten years ago. Finishing is at a high level so there should be no prejudice towards the location of production in India.

The high body on the one hand offers a lot of space, but on the other hand on the highway it creates a noticeable noise of air flow. Only two 1.2-liter three-cylinder engines are available, but the atmospheric 80 hp and 98-horsepower turbo realistically cover all the needs of using a city car. Both engines are adorned with smooth and quiet operation, they are comfortable and quiet in normal driving, but they also like revs, when the unpleasant sound of the three-cylinder breaks through the sound insulation more strongly.

The basic engine is a bit lazy at lower revs, and a stronger engine can pull quite seriously. The Micra is also quite comfortable for such a small car, and women will appreciate the light and comfortable steering wheel, soft pedals, precise transmission and a small turning circle of only 9.3 meters.

What do the services say, what are the pains of Micra? There are no significant recalls or omissions in the archives, and the maintained copies with normal mileage are, as a rule, flawless. At the EuroNCAP test, the then four stars were won.


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