This is a fantastic Dodge Charger from the movie Fast 9
This is a fantastic Dodge Charger from the movie Fast 9

This is a fantastic Dodge Charger from the movie Fast 9 (GALLERY)

It has been several months since the ninth part of the "Fast & Furious" film series arrived in cinemas, but for some reason very little has been said about it. Perhaps many are tired of waiting for him, since the Prime Minister was a year late due to the epidemic of the corona virus, and hand on heart, both the story and the acting are relatively bad.

Far from expecting anything special, however, even by the standards of "Fast & Furious" movies, acting is below average (especially by John Sina), and action scenes are funnier and more unrealistic than ever (although they are still very professionally done).


But at least for a moment we will forget about all the criticism and concentrate on one fantastic car that appears on small screens. It is about a 1968 Dodge Charger that the character Dominique Toreto (played by Vin Diesel) drives in several scenes. He is an extremely popular representative of the American classic "muscular" school, which is worth a lot of money today, and the author of this story, although a Ford at heart, will tell you that Charger is the most legendary "muscle car". However, this particular model differs in that it provides a modern Hellcat engine and it is placed centrally. At first glance, it is easy to conclude that the rear of the vehicle is the so-called "wide-body", and when you look under the rear window, you will understand why.


The company Vehicle Effects took care of its production, and he says that nine copies were made for the needs of the film. However, only two were functional models with Hellcat engines, while the rest were destroyed in various crash scenes. They were actually just a shell on a chassis and a plastic engine to get film magic as they perished in various chases. But the scene where Dominic drives a Charger in Scotland is a true functional model with over 800 horsepower while a six-speed manual transmission is taken from Lamborghini’s Gallard.


With such a configuration, this Dodge has undergone many more modifications. The chassis was taken care of by the company SpeedKore Performance, the exhaust system is the work of Magnaflow, and Vehicle Effects, which is otherwise engaged in the production of all cars for "Fast and Furious" movies, finally put it into final work. The biggest problem was certainly to fit the wider rear of the vehicle to make it look as fantastic as the production model and we can conclude that the tuner did a fantastic job.


Vehicle Effects says they’ve seen a lot of Chargers with over a thousand “horses,” but this one is really special, and a similar model used by one of the employees at SEMA, held every year in Las Vegas, was used for inspiration. Each copy took about four months to complete.

We hope that the two originals ended up in private hands and that we will have the opportunity to see them in the future as well. And as it is known, the production company announced two more parts of "Fast & Furious" before the end of the series, so it remains to be seen what kind of masterpiece Vehicle Effects will prepare for us in the future.

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