This is a new sign that will adorn Peugeot cars
This is a new sign that will adorn Peugeot cars

This is a new sign that will adorn Peugeot cars

Peugeot is one of the oldest active car brands, which since 1850 has been adorned with a coat of arms decorated with a lava head. Now the French brand has introduced the eleventh evolution of its logo.

After a complete redesign of its vehicles over the past 10 years, Peugoet has also redesigned its logo. The new modern and elegant coat of arms was created by Peugeot Design Lab, the global design studio of this brand.

In early 2021, with the launch of the range that will introduce the new Peugoet 308 with new websites and the establishment of the Stellantis groups with Fiat-Chrysler, the stars have aligned.

During the year of business, Peugoet has experienced all the revolutions: industrial, technological, political, social, digital and, now, the environmental revolution - energy transition and carbon dioxide-free mobility in the brand's central strategy for a sustainable future.

In the last 10 years, the entire range has undergone a reversal. And this is what has been achieved: "International Van of the Year" with Peugeot e-Expert 2021 and Partner 2019 and three "Cars of the Year" (Peugeot 308, chosen in 2014, Peugeot 3008, chosen in 2017 and Peugeot 208, selected 2020). And above all, an electrified range for both passenger and light commercial vehicles.

The new logo represents what Peugeot meant yesterday, what it means today and what it will mean tomorrow.

It is synonymous with prestige, self-confidence, longevity and lineage. With it and its new visual identities, Peugeot joins history and hypermodernity. With this coat of arms, the Peugeot brand sets out to conquer new countries, accelerate international growth, perform French style and knowledge, as well as French elegance.

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