Toyota's record market share in the European market

Toyota's record market share in the European market

Toyota Yaris
* Toyota Motor Europe (TME) continues strong penetration with 598,888 vehicles sold in the first half of 2021, recording a record market share of 6.6 percent

* Best sales in the first half of 2007 due to high demand for Toyota and Lexus hybrid models

* Toyota retained its second place in Europe with a great placement, during this calendar year

"Demand remains at a high level and we have already revised our sales plan for 2021 to 1.15 million vehicles. We also have a record number of orders of around 200,000, but we are not immune to the supply disruption challenges facing the entire auto industry. "Our multi-technological approach to electrification, on the road to zero emissions, has enabled us to consistently meet customer requirements and exceed our CO2 emissions targets in the EU."

Matt Harrison, President and CEO of Toyota Motor Europe

Toyota RAV4

The effect of brands

Toyota recorded sales volume increased by + 42% to 559,718 in the first six months, with a market share of 6.2%, an increase of + 0.4% over last year in passenger cars. The best-selling models include the Yaris, Corolla line and RAV4 and account for 61% of total sales, with a share of hybrid versions of 64%. Toyota’s total hybrid volume increased by + 64% year-on-year to 326,420 and accounts for 58% of total sales. Demand for the new RAV4 PHEV and Mirai FCEV continues to grow, and Toyota’s global introduction of its electric concept vehicle bZ4X D-SUV signals further expansion of the brand’s BEV line.

Lexus sold 39,170 vehicles in the first six months, an increase of + 32% over last year. Total European hybrid sales were 62%, while in Western Europe it rose to as much as 93%. Its RX, NX, UX, GX and LX SUV lines accounted for 84% of total sales with a 60% SUV hybrid drivetrain. The highest sales growth compared to last year was achieved by UX (+ 55%) and ES (+ 51%). Sales of the first all-electric UX 300e vehicle, which began earlier this year, now account for over 10% of total UX model sales.

TME sale Jan- Jun 2021:

· Total: 598,888 (+ 41%)

· Market share: 6.6% (+ 0.5%)

· Total Hybrid: 350,753 (+ 61%)

· Hybrid mix: Western Europe: 70% - Eastern Europe *: 27% - TTL: 59%

Toyota Jan- Jun 2021:

· Toyota sales: 559,718 (+ 42%)

· Best-selling models: Yaris (118,258); Corolla Range (114,841); RAV4 (88,963)

· Best-selling hybrids: Yaris Hybrid (92,979); Corolla Hybrid Range (89,130); Toyota C-HR Hybrid (66,875)

· Total Hybrid: 326,420 (+ 64%)

· Hybrid mix: Western Europe: 69% - Eastern Europe *: 27% - TTL: 58%

Lexus Jan- Jun 2021:

· Lexus sales: 39,170 (+ 32%)

· Bestsellers: UX Range (10,658): NX Range (10,606); RX Range (9,182);

· Best-selling hybrids: UX Hybrid (9,083); NX Hybrid (7,645); RX Hybrid (3,050)

· Total Hybrid: 24,333 (+ 30%)

· Hybrid mix: Western Europe: 93% - Eastern Europe *: 8% - TTL: 62%

* Toyota Motor Europe is in charge of Western, Central and Eastern European countries, including Turkey and Russia, as well as Israel, along with some Central Asian markets (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Kazakhstan).

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