By 2030, Renault will be the "greenest brand"
By 2030, Renault will be the "greenest brand"

What's new: By 2030, Renault will be the "greenest brand"

Renault is launching a new chapter dedicated to the modernization of the European car industry. At the online presentation, the head of the company Luca de Meo pointed out that out of 10 sold models, nine will have an electrified drive. Renaulution, as a strategic plan of the French company, includes a mix of hybrid and electric models. Seven e-models of the C and D segments will be presented by 2025, and the company's first coupe-crossover - Mégane Conquest marks the beginning of the sales offensive and will arrive in Serbia in June.

In the transition to the automotive industry, Renault intends to become the greenest brand in Europe by 2030, with 9 out of 10 cars sold being electrified models. In the field of technology and services, ie the project "Software Republique" will shape the future of urban mobility. More than 2,000 engineers from five leading companies in the industry will combine their knowledge in the fields of cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, data processing, software and microelectronics to create mobility solutions tailored to cities and local communities.

In addition, there is the Renault Re-Factory - Europe's first factory dedicated to the circular economy - marking the brand's turn towards a more sustainable and responsible business model with a total of 120,000 recycled or repurposed vehicles (including electric vehicles) per year. Almost 80% of the strategically recycled material will be reused in the new batteries. When it comes to the percentage of the use of recycled materials in new vehicles, Renault intends to take the first place by 2030.

The brand will conquer more segments with its "cars for life". Seven electrified C and D segment models will be introduced by 2025. The Mégane Conquest marks the beginning of a sales offensive.

The new generation Mégane E-Tech Electric, which will be an electric crossover, heralding the future of connected and fully electric vehicles, will also be introduced in the near future. Find out more about the new Megan here.

Finally, the E-Tech hybrid technology will experience further improvements in future models from segments C and D, primarily in terms of efficiency and fun driving characteristics. For now, in addition to the recently introduced Mégane Conquest, Captur E-Tech hybrid and Mégane E-Tech Plug-in hybrid, Renault has a total of six hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles.


With more than 10 years of expertise and almost 400,000 vehicles sold, Renault holds a leading position in the European electric vehicle market. Thanks to the experience in Formula 1, the brand has developed more than 150 patents that make hybrid technology efficient, fun to drive, with low CO2 emissions and low fuel consumption. This technology was introduced last year in three most important models: the Clio E-Tech hybrid, the Captur and the Megane Grandtour E-Tech Plug-in hybrids.

In the higher segments, especially the C-SUV segment, a new 1.2-liter three-cylinder engine combined with an electric motor will be introduced, with 200 hp for the hybrid version (2022) and 280 hp for the plug-in hybrid variant with all-wheel drive. (2024)

The first coupe-crossover with the Renault logo

It is the first C-SUV coupe to come with petrol TCe 140 and TCe 160 engines with 12 V microhybrid technology.

There is also a 145 hp hybrid engine that allows up to 80% of city driving on a fully electric drive. 

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