2023 Mazda CX-50 Review: Looks Aren't Everything
2023 Mazda CX-50 Review: Looks Aren't Everything

2023 Mazda CX-50 Review: Looks Aren't Everything

The decision: The all-new Mazda CX-50 is a capable — if unacceptable — reduced SUV that does most things effectively, however it doesn't do a lot to push Mazda's setup toward another path.

Versus the opposition: Given how firmly paired the minimized SUVs in our most recent correlation test were, it would be great assuming the CX-50 accomplished other things to separate itself from its opposition — or even its CX-5 stablemate.

At the point when Mazda uncovered the 2023 CX-50 in November 2021, it was obviously hopping on board the rough terrain vehicle fad that turned out to be progressively common in the market as the COVID-19 pandemic delayed and individuals searched any reason to escape the house. Rough terrain vehicles and trims are obviously the new shut down appearance bundles.

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The CX-50 has standard all-wheel drive, a six-speed programmed transmission and a decision of two 2.5-liter four-chamber motors: a normally suctioned variant with 187 strength and 186 pounds-feet of force or a turbocharged form making either 256 or 227 hp and 320 or 310 pounds-feet of force contingent upon whether it's burning premium gasoline.

We drove a reach finishing off Premium Plus CX-50 with the 2.5-liter super both now and again street to check whether it could bear outing in its very packed and serious section. Sadly, the CX-50 doesn't actually stand apart even in Mazda's own setup, where it's in direct contest with the CX-5 (for the time being, in any case).

Driving the CX-50

Regardless of utilizing an alternate stage, the CX-50 drives a ton like its CX-5 kin. One thing generally present in Mazda vehicles is open controlling, that is as yet the situation in the CX-50. Tragically, it needs other on-street capacities that could make the most of that: The ride is weak, and influences were unforgiving with the 20-inch wheels that come norm with the 2.5 super motor. Forceful cornering produces body roll and some understeer, however no more than you'll track down in basically any SUV in this fragment. Most contenders, nonetheless, additionally have guiding that feels substantially more numb.

For more nitty gritty rough terrain impressions, you can peruse my drawn out contemplations here. Without driving a CX-50 outfitted with the Meridian treatment, which incorporates more serious off-road tires, checking exactly the way that competent the CX-50 could be is hard. We can address its exhibition with road tires and 20-inch wheels, however, and with that arrangement, the CX-50 effectively explored a light rough terrain course, yet it never felt cheerful doing as such. The CX-50 is intended to be the vehicle that gets you and your stuff to the trailhead, not one that goes down the path, yet in the majority of those cases, you'd be similarly as fruitful arriving in a Camry. The CX-50 isn't intended for serious or continuous going 4x4 romping, so assuming you're searching for something to that effect, look somewhere else.

It's conceivable the Meridian Edition, with its more modest haggles rough terrain tires, could feel both more fit rough terrain and cushier on asphalt, yet it's presumably not going to supersede a portion of the more able delicate roaders in its fragment, similar to the Ford Bronco Sport Badlands, the Subaru Forester Wilderness or any of the various Toyota RAV4 TRD models.

The CX-50's mileage is fair, at any rate, and there's a sad punishment for getting the more impressive super motor. The normally suctioned 2.5 is appraised 24/30/27 mpg city/thruway/joined, and changing to the turbocharged powerplant drops those appraisals just somewhat to 23/29/25 mpg. Obviously, to get the most pull and force out of the super 2.5-liter — 256 hp and 320 pounds-feet — Mazda suggests utilizing premium gas. That is obviously more costly than customary, and the 2.5 super doesn't give overpowering power on it; it's far-fetched that proprietors will miss the additional 29 hp or 10 pounds-feet of force assuming they decide on standard. The super motor gives sufficient power when called upon, however it can sound stressed and crude under heavier burdens.

The CX-50 likewise adds two new drive modes: Off-Road and a super selective Towing. Rough terrain helps a piece whenever difficulties arise, however there's no extra configurability past "Rough terrain" to assist with explicit kinds of landscape. Towing mode is select to super controlled CX-50s, which can tow 3,500 pounds versus the 2,000 pounds the non-super CX-50 can pull. The other driving mode worth focusing on is Sport, however that is simply to take note of that it doesn't do a lot to change the personality of the CX-50.

Happy with, Frustrating Interior

The front and back seats of the CX-50 don't feel a lot roomier — or truly entirely different by any means — from a CX-5. The CX-50's more forceful roofline and Mazda's most memorable power-sliding all encompassing moonroof cut into headroom a piece, yet there's not an awkward seat in the vehicle. The CX-50's freight region is likewise stunningly spacious, if essential, with two little cubbies for more modest things. (They were, for example, an extraordinary spot to put a few valuable six-packs of Wisconsin-elite New Glarus brew while driving home to Illinois.) We estimated the CX-50's freight volume at 18.13 cubic feet — almost indistinguishable from the 2021 CX-5 we estimated at 17.91.

What's tricky is Mazda's infotainment framework. The bigger 10.25-inch show in our test vehicle (a 8.8-inch screen is standard) is in fact a touchscreen, yet it doesn't work as such as a rule. Contact control possibly works when the vehicle isn't moving; when the vehicle is driving, a handle regulator is the best way to explore the presentation and make choices. In any event, that was the situation before Mazda gave touchscreen usefulness back while utilizing Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It's a brilliant choice given how much more straightforward it is to utilize a cell phone reflecting point of interaction like you utilize a cell phone. Both those connection points work remotely, however I saw some slight lagginess in remote CarPlay while rapidly burnning through tunes.

While bringing back touchscreen capacity is great, the actual screen is situated so high and profound on the dashboard that considerably longer-equipped drivers and front travelers might experience difficulty arriving at it. I switched back and forth between utilizing the touchscreen and the disappointing handle contingent upon the circumstance and how agreeable I felt inclining forward.

On the off chance that you're not utilizing Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, the remainder of the UI looks dated and can be confounding. It seems like Mazda is imitating early cycles of BMW's iDrive before the Bavarians dealt with every one of the issues.

A portion of the CX-50's rivals have their own idiosyncrasies and flaws with regards to this stuff, yet for an all-new vehicle like the CX-50 to have the normal, worn out tech that is baffled us in other Mazdas is frustrating.

Mazda means to be viewed as a more exceptional automaker than, say, Toyota or Honda, and the CX-50 is attempting to satisfy that objective. Its inside materials are a stage above contenders', and construct quality is first rate. Actual controls have a strong vibe, and an accessible head-up show is a superior touch. Contrasted and an Acura RDX, the CX-50 may not beat the competition, however contrasted and a Honda CR-V or Toyota RAV4, it is probably going to intrigue.


The CX-50 has various standard dynamic security highlights, including Mazda's low-speed City Brake Support programmed crisis slowing down with passerby recognition, as well as path takeoff advance notice, path keeping help and vulnerable side observing with back cross-traffic alert. I didn't find these highlights excessively nosy or pointless during my time in the CX-50, which isn't generally the situation. The discretionary head-up show was great, if exceptionally fundamental in its usefulness.

As of this composition, the CX-50 has not yet been assessed by either the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In our own Car Seat Check, the CX-50 procured generally Bs and one A grade - write Cars.com.

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