First drive: Mazda CX-60 – luxury in every way
First drive: Mazda CX-60 – luxury in every way

First drive: Mazda CX-60 – luxury in every way

Mazda has joined the manufacturers that offer a large SUV according to European standards, or a medium SUV according to American standards. In Leverkusen, we tested the most powerful version, which is also the most powerful production Mazda of all time.

In recent years, it has been obvious that Mazda is aiming for the premium segment and it has really become that, not only in terms of luxury, quality of finish, rich equipment, but also in terms of technology.

It is famous for technical solutions that defy general trends; then when everyone was pushing for downsizing, Mazda was increasing engine displacement.

Today, everyone is following in the footsteps of Mazda's engineers, while they prepare a concept in their laboratories that seriously disturbs other premium manufacturers.

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To show us what it's all about, Mazda invited us to its European headquarters in Leverkusen.

In the parking lot, we were greeted by a large number of copies of the latest model - the Mazda CX-60.

Before the ride, we were given a short presentation where we were introduced to the technology. It is definitely clear that this is a premium approach.

Mazda has developed a completely new mechanical platform for this model with a longitudinally mounted engine and primarily rear-wheel drive.

Of course, four-wheel drive versions are also available. The show of power does not end there.

For this platform, including the Mazda CX-60, engines of large volume are provided! It will be a three-liter e-Skyactiv X gasoline and a 3.3-liter e-Skyactiv D diesel.

Both have six cylinders and mild hybrid technology with a voltage of 48 volts.

While the specifications for the petrol are not yet known, they are for the diesel. It will have two power levels. The weaker one, of 200 HP, will have rear drive, while the more powerful one of 254 "horses" will be available exclusively with four-wheel drive.

The specialties don't end there either; all of these engines will have an all-new eight-speed automatic transmission without a torque converter.

What Mazda has prepared for a short press trial is the CX-60 with a plug-in hybrid combination of a 2.5-liter naturally aspirated gasoline engine with 191 hp and an electric motor with 175 hp.

The total power of the system is 327 "horses", making it the most powerful serial Mazda of all time.

Immediately after the presentation, we get into the car. More precisely, we climb into it, since it is quite high.

This is now the brand's largest SUV model in Europe. The Mazda CX-60 is positioned above the Mazda CX-5 in terms of its dimensions, which can be felt not only in terms of length, but also width.

This is perhaps most easily visible in the really wide central ridge between the driver and front passenger, while the passengers in the front seats have 44 mm more shoulder room and those in the back even 50 mm more.

Speaking of the difference in dimensions, it should also be said that in the rear, the Mazda CX-60 is larger than the CX-5, so the tailgate is 35 mm wider.

The trunk offers 570 liters of volume, which is more than enough for large amounts of luggage.

The cabin is definitely premium quality; there are upholstered surfaces everywhere, including those lined with real wood, with plenty of interestingly textured materials, especially on the dashboard.

The fineness of detail and finish also leaves the highest impression.

Already the settings of the driver's position let us know that the technology is at the top level; as with some German brands, the driver's height is entered here, and the sensors do the rest of the work and adjust the ideal position of the seat, steering wheel, mirrors and head-up display according to eye height.

We immediately connect the phone; this is the first Mazda with wireless Android Auto connectivity.

Larger dimensions are particularly noticeable in city driving, and the camera and parking systems are very helpful when maneuvering.

Plag-in hybrid, weighing about two tons, does not feel quite at home on uneven city roads, due to the wheels with low-profile tires with a diameter of 20 inches, due to the suspension, which does not have adaptive shock absorbers zera a bit harder than we would expect.

The steering is surprisingly direct for an SUV, which is especially noticeable when you get out onto a winding country road or highway. This is very important, especially considering the maximum 327 "horses" available to the driver.

Precisely because of the powerful engines but also the elevated concept, Mazda has developed a new torque vectoring system.

At no point does the "nose" or rear end feel like it's running away, even when accelerating in a corner.

Moreover, the trajectory in the curve is corrected by the imperceptible activation of the brake at a certain wheel, which the driver does not notice at all, but seriously affects the stability.

It can be said that this is a great combination of SUV, sports and environmental vehicle. Power is transmitted to all four wheels, but the rear drive is primary.

Only if the need arises, up to 50 percent is transferred to the front axle.

This applies to all modes, from purely electric to classic, when the SUS engine is activated.

Considering that we are driving cars that are practically test series, a slight jerk is felt for a moment when changing the mode, i.e. when switching from purely electric to gasoline and vice versa.

In general, it is very quiet in the cabin due to the excellent sound insulation, and the silence can only be disturbed by the high-quality sound system of the Bose brand, with well-designed acoustics.

The test route was short, so we didn't have the opportunity to make sure of the real range on electricity alone, especially since we drove mostly on local roads.

Mazda promises up to 68 kilometers in the city and 63 on the highway, which is not exactly a top result, but for most buyers it is quite enough for everyday driving.

Otherwise, the electric motor is in the gearbox, so the complete construction is very compact.

In order to lower the center of gravity, the batteries are embedded in the floor. All this affected the driving characteristics.

Apart from highways with a speed limit of 100 km/h, the real testing ground for the Mazda CX-60 is the "autobahn".

You guessed it, we were looking forward to the section with no speed limit. Although they are very short due to the large crowd, they are quite enough to push the hybrid drive to its limit.

Full gas and four-cylinder gasoline in combination with an electric motor give their maximum. Only now, the petrol can be heard more clearly, and with a rather powerful sound, which is usually not the case with hybrids.

It was relatively imperceptible until the throttle was "pathosed", but now... You can simply feel the imposing power that accelerates the over two-ton car to "hundred" in just 5.8 seconds.

The fact that it accelerates strongly up to the electronically limited 200 km/h, and then suddenly stops, like when you set the speed limiter, shows how powerful the system is.

This is not so bad, most have started to limit the speed to 180 km/h...

Until the big six-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines arrive, the plug-in hybrid is the only and at the same time the most powerful and fastest option.

Whichever option you choose, low registration costs await you, given that there is no tax on the use of motor vehicles for hybrids, even if they are light hybrids.

In any case, Mazda has definitely provided its customers with maximum comfort, practically at the level offered by the famous German trio, and at really affordable prices.

It is not yet known how much it will cost here, but it is certain that it will be cheaper than in Germany, where it will cost from 47,390 euros.

Electric up to 140 km/h

Considering that it is a plug-in hybrid, the Mazda CX-60 allows driving only on electricity with a range of 68 kilometers in the city cycle according to the WLTP standard, i.e. 63 kilometers on local roads.

Of course, if you drive 140 km/h, which is the maximum on electricity, the range will be somewhat less.

The first model on a new mechanical platform

The Mazda CX-60 is just the first model on the new platform with a longitudinally mounted engine and primarily rear-wheel drive.

A longer Mazda CX-80 with seven seats is expected soon, but also other surprise models.

Fast charging

Like most plug-in hybrids, the CX-60 allows charging at 11 kW chargers with a power of up to 7.2 kW.

A completely empty battery is charged to 100 percent in two hours and 20 minutes, which is quite enough to fill up a good part of the capacity while you are shopping.

Charging takes longer on the home Shuko socket in the garage, but it is certain that it can be charged during the night.

By the way, the maximum range of 63, that is, 68 kilometers of electric range in the city is included in the average gasoline consumption, hence the declared 1.5 liters per 100 kilometers.

Specific gearbox

Mazda has developed a specific eight-speed automatic transmission specifically for this platform that is characterized by the absence of a torque converter.

However, its mode of operation is similar - it changes gears via planetary gears and a multi-plate clutch, but it does not have converter hydraulics as an input clutch, but a multi-plate clutch in combination with an integrated electric motor and generator performs this function.

By replacing the torque converter with a clutch, torque is transmitted directly, similar to a manual transmission. In addition, friction transmission and clutch cooling have evolved to smooth start-up and high efficiency were achieved.

The Mazda CX-60's hybrid powertrain enables the independent combination of gasoline and electric motor power.

For example, when driving on electricity, the gear change is gently felt, just like when driving on gasoline, or with the help of both engines at the same time.

Such a solution enables a great saving in space.


  • Mazda CX-60 E-Skyactiv PHEV AWD
  • Engine: 4 cylinders, longitudinally mounted
  • Volume: 2488 ccm
  • Power: 141 kW (191 hp) at 6000 rpm
  • Max. about. torque: 261 Nm at 4000 rpm
  • Electric power engine: 129 kW (175 HP) at 5500 rpm
  • Max. about. torque el. engine: 270 Nm
  • Total system power: 241 kW (327 hp) at 6000 rpm
  • Max. about. system torque: 500 Nm at 4000 rpm
  • Battery: Li-Ion, 17.8 kWh
  • Battery mass: 176 kg
  • Battery voltage: 355 V
  • Gearbox: automatic, 8 degrees
  • Dimensions (L/W/H): 4745/1890/1685 mm
  • Intermediate shaft. distance: 2870 mm
  • Trunk: 570/1726 l
  • Tank: 50 l Weight: 2055 kg
  • Max. speed: 200 km/h
  • Acceleration 0-100 km/h: 5.8 l/100 km
  • Combined consumption: 1.5 l/100 km
  • CO2 emission: 33 g/km
  • Electric range: 68 km city, 63 km outside the city

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