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Jaguar Land Rover gives second life to I-PACE batteries

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Jaguar, in partnership with Pramac, is creating a zero-emission charging unit using permanent Jaguar I-PACE batteries. Utilized renewable electricity ESS is charged using solar panels

The collaboration will help Jaguar Land Rover achieve zero carbon status by 2039! Jaguar’s engineering team worked with Pramac to develop a zero-emission zero-emission energy storage unit powered by Jaguar I-PACE long-life batteries, taken from prototypes and engineering test vehicles.

Named Off Grid Battery Energy Storage System (ESS), Pramac's technology features lithium-ion cells from Jaguar I-PACE batteries that have a long lifespan, providing zero-emission power where access to mains power is limited or unavailable. To demonstrate its capability, the unit helped Jaguar TCS Racing prepare for the 2022 ABB FIA Formula E World Championships during testing in the UK and Spain, where it was used to launch state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment from a team analyzing race car performance, and to supply auxiliary power supply to the Jaguar garage.

The flagship ESS system has a capacity of up to 125 kWh, more than enough to fully charge Jaguar’s award-winning all-electric I-PACE SUV with performance or to power an ordinary family home for a week. Powered by solar panels, the unit is a stand-alone solution consisting of a battery system connected to a two-way inverter and associated control systems. Available for commercial rental, the units are equipped with connectors for charging electric vehicles (EV) type 2 with dynamic control and rated power up to 22 kV AC to enable charging of the electric vehicle. Finding a second life for batteries after they have been removed from the vehicle can avoid premature recycling and help create a safe supply of rare materials.

The state-of-the-art 90kVh lithium-ion battery in the Jaguar I-PACE delivers a range of up to 470 kilometers, and with 400 hp and 696Nm of torque allows acceleration to "hundred" in just 4.5 seconds. The battery has also been developed for durability commensurate with its outstanding performance and efficiency, and I-PACE customers benefit from an eight-year or 160,000-kilometer battery warranty. When the battery finally reaches the end of its useful life, 95 percent can be recycled. In addition to working with industry leaders such as Pramac, Jaguar TCS Racing has dedicated its long-term future to the third-generation Formula E era. The team will continue to help Jaguar Land Rover develop new sustainable technologies, set new quality standards with its partners and fully electric luxury brand from 2025.

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