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5 tips that anyone can apply to become a better driver

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When it comes to driving, even the most experienced among us sometimes relax, lose concentration and do things that should by no means be done while driving. Talking on a cell phone, enjoying food while driving, or looking for a CD in the glove compartment can cost you the best time to repair a bent sheet metal, but the consequences can be much worse. But still, today we will not talk about it, today we will return to the basics of driving that many of us have forgotten, and by returning to those basics we have come to five ways by which each of us can become a better driver.

1. Always think in a way that everyone around you is incompetent idiots

Okay, maybe they’re not, maybe they’re basically quite good drivers, but regardless, until you’re convinced otherwise, think of them as careless idiots who have no idea about driving. This will help you to always be vigilant, drive in a more defensive style and anticipate some of the situations that could happen in the next moments. Even when passing a crossroads at a green light, always watch out for a potential “kamikaze” that could go through a red light, as well as sudden lane changes when driving on the highway. Strange as it may sound, this is perhaps the best advice on how to become a better driver.

2. Open your eyes

Be aware of the surroundings, cyclists, other vehicles around you or children playing along the road at all times. It is not only important to follow what is happening in front of you, but also the vehicles coming from your side or from behind. Don’t focus only on the vehicle in front of you, because traffic also takes place in front of it, and by observing the situations happening in front of you, you can prepare in advance for certain dangers. In addition, it is important to always follow the signs and warnings, which can sometimes be difficult for inexperienced drivers to comply with, but with time and a sufficient number of kilometers "in the legs", these things will become the most natural thing.

3. Always keep sufficient distance between vehicles

If you notice a potential danger in front of you, stop in time, which will leave you more time and space to stop safely, but also give the vehicles behind you enough time and space to stop safely. While driving, it is important to maintain a sufficient distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front at all times, and it is important to keep in mind that as road conditions worsen, the safety distance between vehicles should be increased.

4. Exercise in "controlled" conditions

The worst thing is that driving schools do not prepare us for many situations that could befall us on the road, but that does not mean that you cannot prepare for some of them yourself. The snow-covered parking lot is an ideal place to learn slippery driving techniques and ways to regain control of an out-of-control vehicle. In addition, such learning is also quite fun, but watch out for curbs, light poles and cars whose owners have come to have fun in a slightly different way. Another option is to attend a safe driving school, but you will have to set aside a certain amount of money for that.

5. Never drive tired

If you ever notice that you are starting to get tired, we recommend that you immediately step aside and rest, because it is always better to be late than to get off the road somewhere. The problem is that tired drivers find it difficult to concentrate on driving, they follow the environment less, and the reaction times themselves are significantly extended. An additional problem is that many in these situations are even more in a hurry to reach their desired destination, so the consequences of flying out are often very severe.

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