After we wrote earlier about some tricks for car repair, such as the repair of sheet metal that is performed only with the help of hot water, this time it is a slightly "more serious method"

flattening of sheet metal without varnishing - vacuum repair of sheet metal

The method of leveling the recesses on the car has several, but in all cases the task and goal is always the same, to return the sheet metal / plastic to its original condition, preferably without the need for compensation by a painter (leveling without painting) because quality painting is very expensive. guessing the hue of an existing (faded) color and partial spraying can be a science in themselves.

After all, if you are already interested in one of the DIY (do-it-yourself) methods for repairing bodywork, and you are as soon as you read this, the assumption is that you want to minimize all possible expenses for that repair.
We have already written about the method of straightening with hot water, and about the method with the help of a hair dryer, which also proved to be very reliable, but this time we will also mention vacuum, more precisely vacuum adhesive.

You don't have to be skeptical, because of this picture above, because we all have some other allusions to this device and we think that its place is exclusively in the toilet, but if we tell you that professionals use various similar tools to correct dents, you may still believe that it all really works!

All you have to do is clean the recessed surface, moisten it so that the vacuum adhesive can catch as well as possible, and by pulling the adhesive that holds the sheet metal, you simply return the surface to its original state!

Yes, it really is as simple as it sounds, and for all skeptics, there is also evidence in the form of two videos, so see how you can perform a vacuum body repair yourself!

And you can be creative and use any vacuum holder you have at home, eg various holders for mobile phones, tablets, navigation

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