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Petrol or Diesel - eternal doubt, which is better !?

Petrol or Diesel - eternal doubt, which is better !? Petrol or Diesel - eternal doubt, which is better !?

You’re thinking about buying a new car, and so far you haven’t thought about the engine and the differences between a gasoline and a diesel engine. We may bring you a little closer to the advantages and disadvantages of the same to make the decision easier. In the end, your opinion and experience will be of great help to us in answering the eternal question of gasoline or diesel?


Diesel engines have a longer range, as they consume slightly less fuel than a classic petrol engine, and at the same time your full tank will last longer. 25 to 30% better economy compared to a petrol engine. Also, a diesel engine will in some cases be more economical and efficient than hybrid vehicles that combine a petrol and electric engine, of course depending on the model and the fast-growing technology that is changing the picture of consumption day by day.

Although until recently diesel was cheaper than gasoline, the story has not been in favor of this lately. The prices are approximately the same, so there is not much difference in that range. Diesel fuel is used in many more industries than gasoline, in addition to its use in road traffic, which causes prices to rise.

Definitely today the price is not a big difference, yet diesel fuel should achieve 25 to 30% higher price in order to lose the difference in economy. Diesel fuel is considered more efficient because it contains more benefits from the heat energy it generates.

Of course, the above works better, but in a real situation the heat generated by high-pressure auto-ignition in a cylinder differs from the explosion in a cylinder generated by gasoline fuel under the influence of spark plug and fuel air, so diesel fuels do not result in such high performance. engines, but modern diesels offer higher torque. Gasoline engines tend to be large, fast, and powerful, while diesel engines are slower and more durable.

As we have said, diesel engines do not have a spark plug, so there is no need to change it, ie the cause of not starting the engine should be sought in that part. Diesel engines are also easier to withstand high pressure and compression and most often the engines last longer than conventional gasoline without major repairs. You may not need to cover 500,000 km with a single vehicle, but it is certainly of great importance when assessing a vehicle in the event of a sale.

If you ignore some of the advantages listed above, you should not be surprised by more expensive maintenance during repairs, because diesel engines are technologically a little more advanced or more demanding.


Purchase cost and fuel consumption. The initial cost of purchasing a gasoline engine is lower, however its consumption will later be slightly higher compared to the same engine power.

Fuel is easily available at all gas stations in several different qualities, and the winter months make almost no difference in terms of repairs because there are no problems with ignition.

Maintenance and parts are somewhat more economical in nature, but require somewhat more frequent inspection of the engine and all associated units. Starting the engine is of a different nature, so the service intervals could be a bit shorter.

Spare parts are often cheaper and more readily available. Gasoline engines have a higher regulated speed and a more flexible engine.

Less torque, less vehicle weight more easily transfer power to the ground. Easier to start the vehicle in cold weather.

Everyone should decide what is best for them and what their individual needs are. Personally, it is necessary to do a little research before buying a vehicle is realized. We are sure that no one is aiming to spend a few thousand or tens of thousands of kunas, only to realize afterwards that you have made a mistake. Take enough time, even when these seemingly insignificant segments are in question, but you will certainly be more satisfied if you adapt exactly what you need to yourself and your needs.

Also keep in mind what the needs are in relation to the daily use of your vehicle; the highway, city driving, the environment in which you drive, what exactly you need the vehicle for, the purpose, the expected lifespan and the frequency of use, are all reasons that are very important to think about beforehand.

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