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Dacia Jogger is embarking on a market jog

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Dacia Jogger is a new name in the automotive sky of the planet. It can be said that a new generation of Logan caravan derivative is ahead of us, which then further implies that the Romanian company returned to the concept of the first Logan MCV from 2006, which was later transformed into the Russian Lada Largus.

We will remind you that the second generation of the Dacia Logan MCV model was in the traditional caravan form, and was supplemented by a full-blooded representative of the MPV segment, the compact Dacia Lodgy model, which even offered three rows of seats. But, what these models offered did not bring any luck to the creators, so they were again replaced by one model that was supposed to be intended to satisfy a wider group of needs.


Similar to what was offered by the first generation Logan MCV (or the mentioned Russian Largus), the Jogger combines the qualities of an ordinary caravan and a compact van, so to speak, a minivan :).

The front of the novelty replicates what we saw on the third-generation Logan, with the Jogger offering an extended wheelbase, a raised roofline, as well as a third-row seat. The designers also spiced up this model with elements that are associated with crossovers, so the minimum distance of the lowest point of the chassis of the minivan from the ground, at the level of 20 centimeters, was declared, while the Extreme version is also available.


This is exactly how the copy is equipped and given through promotional photos, and it flaunts accessories that flirt with the off-road experience. So even though you see plastic accessories on the bodywork, don’t get carried away because the drive wheels are just the ones in front of the driver.

The Romanian Jogger is slightly inferior in terms of the range between the front and rear axles in relation to: 2,897 mm compared to 2,905 mm. But, things change when the length of two cousins ​​is analyzed, so the Romanian offers 4,547 millimeters instead of the Russian 4,488 mm, and this is the longest model from the current Dacia range. Also, the new caravan is wider and taller than the Largus, because it extends to 1,784 mm and 1,632 mm in those directions.


The openings of the rear doors are larger than those in the front, while the one-piece doors are mounted on the stern, instead of solutions that rely on mounted hinges.

The basic equipment of the novelty will include so-called dipped headlights in LED technology with roof rails and transverse elements that facilitate the transport of luggage above the passengers' heads. Their load capacity is up to 80 kilograms, and a special piquancy is that they can be mounted and dismounted without the use of tools.


Those who have been involved in the development of a particular four-wheeler immodestly claim that the level of functionality of the Romanians can be compared to that offered by that multipractical Swiss folding knife, which we have all certainly seen in the past. They also find support for the claim in the fact that 64 seating configurations are available, for example.

However, the basic version offers only two rows of seats, while the rear is raised by 55 millimeters compared to the front, while small folding tables are provided, albeit as part of the optional equipment (similar to the situation with the introductory Logan). On the list of accessories, we also read the presence of the third row of seats, which is raised by another 25 millimeters (compared to the middle row), in which way the company sleeps carefree, because they do not expect complaints from users, which would call for difficult access to the rear row seats, where they say that they can connect and give a man a full format (thinking of a purely physical aspect, regardless of moral size).

For the end of this mini-chapter, let's mention that the joggers that allow the densest occupancy in the cabin, offer windows in the height of the third row, but they can only be opened, but not opened in the same way as other side glass openings.


The space in the trunk has two bags for bags as well as a socket from which a current springs whose voltage is at the level of 12 volts. In the five-seater, the trunk has a volume of 708 liters and is 1,150 millimeters long. Fold down the seats in the second row and you will get a loading volume of an impressive 1,819 liters.

The seven-seater Jogger is practically completely devoid of trunk. Come on, we don't have to overdo it, it has it as well as a well-equipped quad, ie it offers 160 liters, which is more than Largus' 135 liters). But when the third row is assembled, the volume grows to 565 liters (plus five in relation to Largus). Things are improved by the fact that in various smaller pantries, scattered around the passenger cabin, people in the vehicle have a 24-liter pantry at their disposal.


The front section of the cabin replays what was seen in the original Logan. The steering wheel is adjustable in both height and depth, while the basic version does not offer any music device. Instead, the Media Control system is installed. It includes two speakers that can be connected to the appropriate gadget, and there is also a USB port, as well as an active function of connectivity via Bluetooth.

The owner can connect to the software and devices on the car if he decides to install a special phone application, and then his role as a standard multi

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