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How to resist a black coupe from the golden age of motoring

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Adherence to a particular country, period, brand or type of car often takes us back to childhood, when the first car showed us that it is nicer, more comfortable and different from the others. Children's memories always find a way to come to life, and for someone they become a life calling. Always surrounded by cars, Neša fell in love with them as a child, but one special car determined his taste.

"I've always loved cars, but also to find out how something works, unrelated to cars. Already at the age of fifteen, I started working in a service center, and I enrolled in school for that. My father was a mechanic, my grandfather rode a motorcycle, and my other grandfather was a carpenter, so I always loved crafts and making and creating something. "

"My first car was a Ford Taunus, which I still have and which I have driven 350,000 kilometers so far. And even though it started with Cortina, my dream has always been the Taunus TC1 Fastback. "

A long-term search led him to a specimen from 1973, which required a lot of work, and in addition to all the knowledge he had until then, Neša in the meantime learned something about tinsmithing and painting.

Namely, dissatisfied with the work done until then, Neša took on the work of tinsmithing, and then painting, two trades that he later perfected. The end result was a black Taunus Fastback with wide BWA wheels that give it the dangerous look characteristic of the period. However, his original goal was not to make a road warrior, but black was chosen for aesthetic reasons.

Find out what a black fastback with the Ford logo is like here, where you can also see a large photo gallery of the attractive Taunus.


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