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The most expensive Cadillac starts at $300,000, sold out 18 months in advance

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The most expensive Cadillac starts at $300,000, sold out 18 months in advance The most expensive Cadillac starts at $300,000, sold out 18 months in advance

DESPITE the huge price, the demand is beyond all expectations.

Cadillac has returned to the scene as the most luxurious American car manufacturer, but also as a brand whose image can be successful beyond the borders of its home market. Although the starting price of this Cadillac, which is mostly made by hand, is as much as 300,000 USD, more and more people want this particular model.

And there will be a wait, because the first deliveries will start in a year, and the waiting list is already over 18 months long. This was revealed on the Autoline Network podcast by Tony Roma, chief engineer of the Celestiq project. "A lot of them have already raised their hands, much more than we will be able to build in the first year or 18 months," Roma said.

 It's an interesting fact because nobody knows how many copies Cadillac can actually produce. Roma hinted that some maximum could be two copies per day, which means that in the first year around 400 copies could be produced.

In addition to the special way of production, the way of buying is equally special. A potential buyer comes to the showroom to express his interest in buying, and then he is assigned an agent who will guide him through the purchase and through whom the buyer communicates with the production, personalizing every detail of the car.

Production is based at GM's technical center in Warren, and the team will be able to work on up to six units at a time.

As a reminder, the Celestiq has two electric motors, and thus an AWD drive. It develops over 600 hp, reaches 100 km/h in about 4 seconds, and the 111 kWh battery ensures a range of 483 km.

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