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A new concept is coming: BMW that changes colors

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This concept car unveiled at CES uses e-ink technology to change the color of the body to one of 32 colors, and the windshield offers a "mixed reality" view.

The most popular car colors around the world are white, black and gray, in that order – which goes to show how boring car buyers really are. This is probably partly due to a desire not to stand out, and partly no doubt because cars with less bright colors hold their price best in the long run.

BMW wants to solve this chromatic dilemma with a new concept car that not only changes color on demand, but also uses e-ink technology to make facial expressions using the grille and headlights.

It can even project a head-up display across the entire windshield.

The BMW i Vision Dee is also surprisingly compact. And although it clearly comes from the future, instead of offering us the usual ideas that go with concept cars, the Vision Dee model takes existing technologies like a head-up display or a virtual assistant and tries to see in which direction they might develop by the end of this decade. .

The new model ups the ante by using 240 e-ink panels, each with 32 colors. They are laser cut and glued to the body and wheels using the so-called ePaper film.

The result is a car that can be a different color every day – or, if the artist in you so desires, can have a segmented or graduated paint scheme that incorporates multiple colors at once. Also, like the Amazon Kindle e-reader, it only consumes power when it changes state (in this case, colors). When it changes hue, it no longer requires any energy consumption.

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