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Check the oil regularly to extend engine life

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The oil in the car needs to be checked regularly. It is not good to have too little but not too much oil in the engine. Lack of oil is harmful because a small amount heats up more than the normal amount, and when there is significantly more oil in the engine than the maximum, some of the oil can enter the combustion chamber and the catalyst and lamp tube can be destroyed.

Regular inspection and oil changes have a major impact on engine life. Every engine consumes oil, and some normal consumption is up to half a liter per 1000 km. It is advisable to check the oil on a flat surface when the car engine is off. It is necessary to wait a few minutes after the engine shuts down so that the oil from all parts of the engine flows into the crankcase, and only then can the amount of oil be realistically measured.

When pouring oil, do not overdo it and it is best that the oil level in the engine is between the "min" and "max" marks. When a little more oil is poured into the engine, there is no great damage because it will return to normal in ten hours of driving. However, when significantly more than the maximum is poured into the engine, some of the oil from the crankcase can enter the combustion chamber. There will probably be no major damage to the combustion chamber, but the catalyst and lambda probe may be destroyed.

On the other hand, when the oil level is below the minimum, a defect occurs which is recognized by the lighting of the oil pressure lamp. As we have already mentioned, a deficiency in the engine is harmful because a small amount of oil heats up more than the normal amount. Also, when there is no lubrication, extremely high temperatures develop, and dry friction occurs which causes the metal parts of the engine to melt.

Which oil to choose?

Types of oils for cars can be divided into mineral, semi-synthetic and synthetic:

1) Today, mineral oils are no longer used for new engines, but exclusively for older cars because they do not provide sufficient engine protection against wear. Mineral oils are more used to develop engines after general.

2) Semi-synthetic oils are mixtures of mineral oil as a base and added synthetic oil. Their price is lower than synthetic oils, but they do not have as much temperature and oxidation resistance, and require more frequent changes than synthetic ones because they do not last as long as synthetic ones.

3) Synthetic oils are the highest quality oils, and they are characterized by high resistance in conditions of extremely low and extremely high temperatures. They also protect the engine very well from wear and tear, and it is recommended to use them with turbo engines. These oils are usually the most expensive.

It is recommended to always put the same oil in the car engine, and if you do not know which oil goes in your car, find in the manual for your car which engine oil viscosity gradation is recommended by the manufacturer, and also find the factory specifications for the engine oil.

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