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New era: Renault will no longer develop diesel engines

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Apart from the fact that the French manufacturer will no longer invest in the development of new diesels, it also announced that it limits the maximum speed to 180 km / h for new models.

At the recent Renault Group shareholders' meeting in Paris, CEO Luca de Meo also announced the maximum speed limit for all future models coming from this company.

"Speed ​​on all our cars will be limited to 180 km / h," said de Meo, who has led Renault since last year.

He also announced that the first model equipped with a new electronic device that limits the maximum speed will be a serial version of the Renault Mégane eVision concept, ie the Renault Mégane E model announced for the next year, 2022. Moreover, the blockade on it will be even more extreme, ie it will be set at 160 km / h.

In addition to the device that will block the maximum speed (and will not be able to unlock), the electric SUV will be the first Renault equipped with another limiting system - automatic speed control called Safety Coach - active speed limiter, which will comply with speed limits and geolocation data, will take into account the road profile, examples of dangerous curves, weather conditions…

De Meo claims that he was led to these moves by statistics according to which speed is still responsible for a third of all traffic accidents with a fatal outcome, so he hopes that the restriction will significantly help increase road safety.

Furthermore, what Renault has developed from diesel engines - it has developed, because it will no longer invest in them, but will improve the current ones to the level as much as possible in terms of environmental standards.

CEO De Meo also confirmed that he will no longer invest money in the development of new generation diesel engines, and whether that means that Renault diesels will not exist in the Euro 7 era remains to be seen. However, seeing how the demand for hybrid and electric cars in Europe exceeds diesel, it will not be a surprise if French models with diesel engines disappear from the market in 2025.

Admittedly, diesel has already been discontinued in many models, and even Dacia has begun rejecting diesels in its latest generation of models in Europe.

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