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A radical change: The new Renault Megane is an electric crossover

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A radical change: The new Renault Megane is an electric crossover A radical change: The new Renault Megane is an electric crossover

We were told a few months ago that we can forget about the Renault Megane as we knew it so far. However, the new generation of the once popular hatchback still wants to maintain the tradition, but only in one thing - to remain in demand. And as trends have changed, it can only do so if it becomes a crossover and an electric one. So, goodbye for the hatchback and SUS engines, these are the official photos of the Megane prototype. However, it is still under camouflage because the premiere is awaited, and the start of production of the serial version will be in 2022.

The French manufacturer showed us a prototype of the new Megane. The cunning plan to use the name Megane for a model that has nothing to do with the previous one, was coined just to help the new crossover establish some connection with previous Renault cars.

This is a pre-production model that is still camouflaged, but you can clearly see the form of the crossover, which will be the first in the alliance to use the CMF-EV platform, writes Index.hr. It is the same base used by the electric Nissan Ariya.

Renault is not revealing much data for now, but it is announcing that MeganE will have an electric motor with a power of 217 hp and a battery with a capacity of 60 kWh, which will provide a range of 450 km.

It is not yet known whether, like Ariya, they will get a version with two electric motors that has over 300 hp, but also a 87 kWh battery. Judging by what the rivals offer, it should offer such a variant as well.

In any case, the first 30 camouflaged copies Renault will release on European roads this summer.

The new model will be produced in French plants (Douai), starting next year.

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