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The Tesla Roadster will not arrive until 2023

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Another delay in the start of production of this electric supercar.

Tesla is going through a long and arduous path of further portfolio development and increased production. Priority has been given to the assembly of the Model 3 and Model Y. The latter, according to the calculations of the American brand, should be one of the most popular cars on the planet.

But in order to achieve such goals, something had to be offered as a sacrifice to the "gods of the market." Tesla has already confirmed that there has been a new postponement of projects that are not crucial - like Semi and Cybertruck.

Now new information - the Roadster will not be in production before 2023. “This has been a crazy year regarding the lack of parts. If we had planned 17 new models for this year, none would have come out, ”Elon Musk wrote on Twitter.

He added that assuming that next year will not be so difficult, it can be expected that the production of Roadster, ie the second generation of that vehicle, will start in 2023.

Let us remind you, the Roadster was supposed to be on the scene in 2020. Then it was moved to 2021, then to 2022, and now there is talk of 2023. It may not be even then, especially since it is announced that the crisis with the shortage of semiconductors will continue during the next year.

By the way, the Tesla Roadster was presented in the concept edition in 2017, which means that in the best case, an incredible six years will pass before the serial variant! Then Elon Musk made a series of promises regarding the performance of this vehicle - that the acceleration of 100 km / h will take place in less than 2 seconds, as well as that the maximum speed will be higher than 400 km / h. The billionaire then announced that the Roadster would be the fastest production car in the world.

Musk also said at the Roadster premiere that the first 1,000 units will carry the Founders Edition label and will cost $ 250,000, while standard copies of the battery-powered supercar will be priced at 200,000 greenbacks.

But in six years, a lot can change, including the price of a car.

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