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Dacia has a secret weapon against scratches

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To make it easier to resist scratches in everyday driving, the new Dacia Sandero Stepway and the new Dacia Duster are now equipped with special body protection, the longevity of which is due to the mass painting technique.

The body protection is actually a piece of plastic that is installed under the front and rear bumpers to protect the chassis from everyday wear. But this element also has an aesthetic function. Thanks to it, the bumper looks more attractive. However, Dacia has devised a new way of making body protection from plastic painted in bulk.

"Colored body protection changes its appearance over time, and the technique of painting in the mass ensures its longevity. With a special body protection design on the new Sander Stepway and the new Duster, we wanted to offer smart and simple solutions with the best value for money, but also to maintain an attractive appearance! To achieve this, we have developed efficient and environmentally conscious production processes, ”said Sanam, Director of Dacia's Color and Decoration Design Department.

The traditional process of making body protection consists of two steps. Plastic material or polypropylene is injected into the mold to form. It is then painted or coated with a piece of freely shaped piece of metal (such as chrome) to give it a final look. However, Dacia opted for an alternative manufacturing method. The new Dacia Sandero Stepway and the new Dacia Duster now boast body protection that has been previously painted in bulk. This means that the plastic material from which the body protection is made is painted before shaping. Unlike traditionally painted body protections, its color never changes.

Sanam adds: "Even if you use highly resistant paints when painting the exterior (such as body protection), it should be borne in mind that bumps and scratches that occur during everyday driving will change the appearance of the paint over time or completely destroy it. By painting the technique of these parts in the mass, we achieve the longevity of the paint. ”

Any bumps and scratches on the body protection will certainly leave a mark, but that trace will be practically invisible because there will be no damage to the paint. This production process guarantees the longevity of the body protection paint and makes it easier to adjust its appearance (for example, black parts can be replaced with gray). The new protections are equally durable, do not involve additional costs and seem much more elegant.

We should not forget the potential savings for vehicle owners who will no longer have to change one part after a minor scratch just to preserve the overall look of their Sander Stepway or Duster.


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