Mercedes-Benz does not break down its end-of-year sales by model, but we know that the 2021 Mercedes-AMG E63 Wagon is a rare car; it’s likely more exclusive than most Ferrari and Lamborghini models. “Generically speaking [E63 S Wagon owners] are high income and are very much brand and model-loyal,” a Mercedes spokesperson told CarBuzz. “[They] do not differ so much from a typical AMG customer; rather, the E63 S Wagon buyer is more of a superlative of these characteristics.”

 Seeing an E63 S Wagon on the road is already rare sight, especially in the wagon-phobic US market, but Mercedes gives its customers a chance to be even more unique. Mercedes offers the Designo Manufaktur program, which allows owners to “have a car painted in a historic Mercedes-Benz color, painted to match a color sample.” Think of it like Porsche’s Paint to Sample Program but less saturated on social media.

“Nearly any color is possible through this program, from various shades of purple to bright greens and yellows,” Mercedes told us. More often than not, these colors are a one-of-one, making them highly coveted on the second-hand market. “Only a few dozen E63 S Wagons go through this special process each year,” including the pre-facelift 2020 E63 S Wagon pictured here wearing a Designo Manufaktur Steel Blue exterior paint with an AMG Black Exclusive Nappa leather interior.

Audi offers something similar through its Audi Exclusive program, which allows owners to order virtually any color on their RS6 Avant. But unlike Mercedes, which only sells a handful of custom-painted wagons per year, Audi’s program is completely booked for 2021.

“At AMG, I think it’s fair to say that we not only appreciate strong competition, but we seek it out,” Mercedes commented about the recent wagon rival from Audi. “We compete in race series around the world (F1, IMSA, DTM, etc.), but we also compete in numerous competitive segments in the US market and others. Competition is good for the industry as a whole and helps to bolster the wagon segment, for which we set the benchmark.”

There’s no arguing that the introduction of the RS6 Avant to the North American market hasn’t gone unnoticed by enthusiasts, but the E63 S is heavily facelifted for the 2021 model year to take on the competition.

“The overall goal was to make the E63 better in a number of measurable ways. By bringing over knowledge we gained in the development of other products (i.e., the AMG GT 4-door).”
The most notable difference between the 2020 E63 and the facelifted 2021 model, aside from the styling (pictured above), is the suspension. “We revised some of our bushing stiffness and adjustable suspension logic in an effort to make the car both more comfortable for around-town driving, and more sporty on a back road or a racetrack. The tuning has been affected by changing the bushing stiffness and changing the logic for the air springs and variable dampers.”

We’ll have to evaluate the effectiveness of AMG’s suspension changes in our upcoming E63 Wagon review. Audi typically places a heavy emphasis on comfort, even on the RS models, so it might be tough for AMG to challenge in this area.

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