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Saturday, 16 October 2021 06:13

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Becomes A Maybach S-Class

Merc S Classes kitted out to look like a Maybach are aplenty but this dude has taken it further and has kitted a Merc E Class to look like an S 650 Maybach. Complete with V12 badges, this should go down as the greatest automotive catfishes of all times!

When buying a Mercedes-Benz E-Class do customers ever think of upgrading it into a Maybach version? Exactly, they never do. If you can’t afford the real thing, you resort to the one that you can pay for without selling a kidney.

But some Chinese experts have found a customer niche for the conversion. They built a body kit for the Mercedes-Benz E-Class L, with the L standing for Long Wheelbase. This variant is only available in markets such as China and India, stretching all the way to 5,065 millimeters (199.44 inches).

The kit comprises chrome intake surrounds that draw plenty of attention, as well as a larger grille with vertical slats. There is, of course, the Maybach badge. More chrome detailing adorns the exhaust pipes and rear bumper.

Not every Mercedes-Benz E-Class can become a Maybach. The body kit is only compatible with the pre-facelift versions, sold between 2016 and 2020. Customers can purchase it with a few clicks on the Alibaba website with costs between $1,000 and $1,500, according to Carscoops. That is the cost for a fake Maybach, plus labor. Any body shop anywhere in the world should be able to make the conversion.

Automobile Ardent posted photos of a car already converted. The car was spotted in a gas station in Faridabad India. The owner did the trick all the way. He painted his E-Class in two tones in the typical Maybach style and replaced the headlights. The front fenders also sport the V12 badging, so it could really trick anyone. Well, not quite anyone though.
The Mercedes-Maybach S-Class starts at $184,900 in the United States, while the E-Class (with the standard wheelbase though)starts at $54,250. In Germany, customers will pay at least 164,565 euros for the Maybach S-Class and 51,860 euros for the E. Read more > https://mercedes-world.com/e-class/mercedes-benz-e-class-maybach-s-class

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Tuesday, 12 October 2021 06:38

2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS450+ Electrifies Luxury

The less powerful version of the EQS offers relative value and range for a six-figure outlay.


After driving nearly every car for sale over the last 20 years, it's natural for the cars of the past to enter into your thoughts when driving something new. Humans compare experiences to gain perspective, which explains why we were daydreaming about Rolls-Royces while driving Mercedes-Benz's new electric luxury four-door, the EQS450+.

2022 mercedesbenz eqs 450
The 107.8-kWh battery sandwiched in the floor also helps keep road noise to a minimum. That big battery also allows the EQS450+ to go an estimated 350 miles between charges. While that range bests the other German electrics, Lucid and Tesla both have models that far surpass that number. Find a Level 3 DC hookup and the EQS can go from 10 percent charge to 80 percent in 31 minutes. On a typical Level 2 setup, the EQS take just over 11 hours to go from 10 percent to 100 percent.
 Moving the electrons around in the battery is a single motor driving the rear wheels that makes 329 horsepower and 419 pound-feet of torque. It's not nearly as quick as the 516-hp EQS580, but it'll shove you into the massaging seats. After the initial thrust from a stop the acceleration tapers off, but 60 mph is yours in a claimed 5.9 seconds. In more relaxed driving, the right-now torque affords the EQS the same sort of effortless waftability that Rolls-Royce has been touting for decades.
2022 mercedesbenz eqs 450
Yet what really reminds us of the Spirit of Ecstasy is the suppleness and silence of the suspension as it glides over the tarmac. Not much of the outside permeates the EQS's cocoon. The long 126.4-inch wheelbase certainly helps attenuate bumps, but it's the tuning of the standard air-spring suspension that maintains the serenity despite our test car's 21-inch wheels wrapped in Goodyear summer rubber.

Those sticky tires provide excellent grip despite the Benz's estimated 5600-pound curb weight. Press it hard into a corner and it remains flat, and the low center of gravity born of the massive battery in the floor seemingly drills the car into the center of the Earth. Steering efforts are light and don't pick up much even in Sport mode, but the easy efforts help mask the heft and size of this S-class-sized hatchback.

2022 mercedesbenz eqs 450
Four-wheel steering turns the rear wheels up to 10 degrees in opposition of the fronts at low speeds, helping to shrink the turning circle to 35.7 feet, making this very big Benz feel like an A-class. There's an ease and luxury to the whole driving experience, that is only interrupted by the brakes. Hitting the brakes in the EQS starts with energy regeneration from the motors and then blends in the stopping power of the four massive brake rotors. Stepping into the brake pedal is an initially mushy experience that doesn't slow the car much. Keep pushing and you reach a hard point where the pedal resists being moved further. Press harder and the deceleration finally hits, but it takes a lot of pedal pressure to get meaningful braking, and by then you're sailing towards that burgundy Corolla at an alarming rate.

Using those unnatural-feeling brakes can be largely avoided by pulling on the right paddle behind the steering wheel twice. Do so and you get the maximum regeneration (what Mercedes terms Recuperation) that largely eliminates the need to touch the brake pedal and allows one to speed up and slow down in traffic by using only the accelerator. That max regen mode won't bring the car to a complete stop though. The system slows the car to about 5 mph and then continues to creep ahead. There is an additional regen mode that requires you to hold the right paddle called Intelligent Recuperation. It utilizes the adaptive cruise-control radar and camera systems to optimize regeneration based on the surrounding traffic, the topography, and the twistiness of the road. When engaged, it'll bring the car to a stop provided the car in front of you has stopped. It certainly works, but it's not smart enough to stop at a stop sign or red light and will only react to whatever the car ahead is doing.

2022 mercedesbenz eqs 450
Aside from this being Mercedes's first car built on its new EV platform, the other big news is the so-called Hyperscreen. The Hyperscreen consists of three screens that are covered in a massive glass panel that spans the width of the dashboard. The three touchscreens control nearly every function in the car, from setting an interior temperature to a game of Tetris. As a new system, it takes a bit of getting used to, but after a few hours of experimentation we became comfortable with scrolling through radio stations, looking up the outside air quality, setting a destination on the native navigation system, and pairing a phone to the system. Once paired, we largely skipped Benz's system for Apple CarPlay. There is also the option of talking to the EQS. Saying "Hey, Mercedes" wakes the EQS's virtual assistant that can help with a number of controls from setting the temperature to making a phone call. It works surprisingly well, but talking to your car always seems just a little silly.

The Hyperscreen certainly looks like the future, but the instrument display in front of the driver is set high. That elevated cowl is the exact opposite of the low and simple dashboard of a Tesla Model 3 or even a Model S. The brain adjusts to it, but without an engine ahead of you, why does the cowl need to be so high?

2022 mercedesbenz eqs 450
We also questioned the lack of a frunk. A cabin air filter and some other ancillaries live under the fixed hood, but the EQS makes up for that deficiency with an absolutely massive amount of cargo space under the hatch. And, if that's not enough, the rear seats fold away.

There's also a lot of space in the rear seat—leg-crossing, stretch-out space. Sitting in the rear seat you realize that this car is a reimagining of the S-class. In addition to the S-class appointments, performance, technology, and space inside, the EQS comes with an S-class-like price. The least expensive EQS450+ starts at $103,360, moving up to the Exclusive Level adds $3400, and the appropriately named Pinnacle Level comes in at $109,560. Pricing for the more powerful EQS580 opens at $120,160, requires an additional $3400 for the Exclusive trim, and for those who want it all, the Pinnacle will wear a $126,360 window sticker. Aside from the acceleration, the smaller motor EQS450+ is the same luxurious experience as the EQS580. If you never floor it for more than a couple of seconds, you'll never feel like you should have gone with the quicker car. The EQS450+ is just as quiet, just as refined, and just and lovely as the more expensive EQS580. So, for those who don't think every car that's next to you at a red light is competition, you'll be just fine.


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Tuesday, 28 September 2021 06:21

Tested: Mercedes-AMG E53 Coupe Exudes Elegant Menace

In a market of flashy and ferocious performance cars, AMG's two-door E53 is subtle yet effective.

We had the 2021 Mercedes-AMG E53 over a perfect weekend, hot enough to appreciate a luxury car with a vigorous air-conditioning system and ventilated leather seats, yet breezy enough to pop up the sunroof and let the pine scent of mountain air and the smooth thrum of the inline-six engine fill the cabin. This is a no-stress car to drive in a variety of environments, cushioned and sophisticated for the city-street crawl, small enough to park, yet ready and willing to switch modes—easily, with a dial on the steering wheel—and make short work of long straights and rising twisties.

Mercedes offers the AMG-tuned E-class as a sedan, a cabriolet (for those in need of uninterrupted sun or vast rear quarter panels), or the coupe we tested here. We've always liked the E53's version of AMG performance. It's no cheapie, starting at $77,300, but it delivers elegance and power for the price. The E53 isn't as rowdy or violent as its V-8-powered brethren, but it packs an unexpected punch, and we all like a sleeper. It's slightly less a sleeper for 2021, thanks to updated front and rear fascias. The somewhat stodgy grille has been replaced with the Panamericana 12-strake shark's grin found on other AMG models. At the back, quad exhaust outlets flank the rear diffuser.


2021 mercedesamg e53 coupe

HIGHS: Understated performance, seductive inline-six engine note, beautifully styled and finished.


Take this thing out and people move over, even when you're just cruising. Nobody wants a grinning shark in their rearview mirror. If you do want to get on it a bit, the super- and turbocharged 3.0-liter straight-six is more than happy to help you make the pass. With 429 horsepower and 384 lb-ft of torque, the AMG E53 is more than capable of putting traffic behind you. Think 60 mph in four seconds flat and a quarter-mile pass in 12.5 seconds at 110 mph. It's still possible to catch the car off guard with a hasty bit of throttle application, but it's more a slow downshift from the nine-speed automatic transmission than it is reluctance on the part of the powerplant. Doesn't matter; it's momentary. And then the revs are climbing, the scenery is blurring, and the camper van that waved you by is far back in the distance.

2021 mercedesamg e53 coupe
If the E53's exterior is somewhat subtle even with the redesign, the interior is like sitting inside a collector's-edition baseball mitt. Ours was a brash combination of black and brown leather. You may have grown tired of the mossy accumulation of faux suede in modern interiors—you won't find even a tuft of it in the E53. There is one optional interior with Dinamica suede, but our $100,160 test car was broad color blocks of leather everywhere. Mercedes's art-deco metal speaker covers and turbine-engine air-conditioning vents look a little anachronistic against the more modern door panels and carbon-patterned aluminum dash trim, but the overall effect is one of quality and confidence. The design elements continue through the whole of the cabin, with the back seats treated to the same motif: Everyone gets a big chunk of brown leather to rest an arm against. It's also very comfortable, although more so in front than in the back. There's plenty of headroom back there despite the arched coupe roofline, but legroom gets tight as the front seats go back, particularly at the foot box. As in most coupes, the rear is best saved for short journeys and people you don't like, although the lack of a B-pillar does lend an old-school Chevelle-like airiness to the back seats. We also wouldn't give it high marks for ease of child-seat installation, as there's a lot of quarter-panel between you and the LATCH anchors. This is a car for commuting and date night. Leave the kids at home.
2021 mercedesamg e53 coupe

LOWS: Fussy interior controls, occasional recalcitrance from the nine-speed transmission, can top six figures with options.

 The refreshed E53 gets the glitzy Mercedes MBUX infotainment system. A 12.3-inch center touchscreen merges with the digital dash in a wide sweep of glass that's impressive enough to elicit gasps from passengers who aren't used to such futuristic cockpits. It's controllable via touch, console touchpad, steering-wheel touch, and voice. The system is great—quick, clear, and compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto—but we'd happily trade the haptic steering-wheel pads for old-fashioned buttons. The digital dash offers seemingly endless info and layouts, and we saw them all in rotation, thanks to accidental thumb swipes across the touch sensor every five minutes. It's a case of too many options just because you can. Similarly flashy and of dubious usefulness is the center screen's habit of displaying the view from the front-facing camera at stoplights. Thanks, Mercedes, but there's a little thing called a windshield here—we can already see what's in front. Precious seconds were lost switching it back to the CarPlay screen to see the next turn. A few more seconds will be spent fumbling to find the tiny Park button on the wee shifter lever. We can only imagine that the interior-design team at AMG consists of one designer with hands the size of dinner plates—they did the thick tree branch of a steering wheel—and another who is an actual fairy, responsible for the miniscule steering-wheel buttons and the delicate shifter stalk buried behind the big wheel.

2021 mercedesamg e53 coupe
After you've found the shifter and put it in Drive—a pinkie-out activity if ever there was one—the gentle part is over. It's not that you have to muscle the E53 around, but it lets you play rough with it. There's a tendency to say that any good-handling car feels lighter than it is. That's not the case with the E53. It feels every bit of its 4511 pounds, but it's a controllable weight, turning in smoothly while feeling planted. Comfort mode is a little soft and sluggish, but Sport feels excellent, firm enough for aggressive cornering, sharp in the steering, and upping the feline growl of the engine; we recorded an invigorating 85-decibel snarl at full throttle. Sport+ is the top option, but it makes for a less comfortable ride and mostly just ratchets up the harshness. As the 4Matic+ badge indicates, it does use the AMG-tuned version of Benz's all-wheel-drive system, which can send as much as 100 percent of the torque to the rear axle.

Shod with 20-inch run-flat Pirelli P Zero PZ4 Run Flat summer tires, our test car’s 0.87 g of skidpad grip couldn’t quite match the 0.91 g posted by a similar 2019 model we tested, and its so-so 172-foot stop from 70 mph was a few feet longer than that previous car's effort. More impressive is that the E53's performance is accompanied by a solid 32 mpg on our 75-highway test, a 4-mpg improvement over its EPA estimate.

2021 mercedesamg e53 coupe
If you're looking for a car to charm strangers and start conversations at gas stops, this isn't it. The Mercedes-AMG E53 coupe does not make friends. When we parked it in the cute hippie mountain town of Wrightwood, California, a couple of teens on bicycles immediately glared at us. "Gentrifiers," one whispered to the other. Okay, maybe not, but they thought it, and they weren't wrong. This car's appearance in a neighborhood means home prices are about to go up. It exudes the same elegant menace as the molten ball of mercury in Terminator 2, right before it morphed into a killing machine. It's intimidating on the road and when parked, which is good—a Mercedes should not endear you to people. It should make them think you're going to represent their corporate enemies in court and win. This is a winner's car. No wonder it's grinning.
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Mercedes driver Lucas Auer won at Assen ahead of AF Corsa driver Liam Lawson and BMW driver Mark Whitman.

According to Serbiaring, Auer started the race from the first starting position in the "Mercedes AMG", ahead of Whitman and the two Ferraris, Liam Lawson and Alex Albon. Audi runner Kelvin van der Linde entered the race from fifth place. The visiting driver, Italian Mirko Bortoloti, was the best placed Lamborghini driver at the start, in sixth place.

Auer held the lead, ahead of Whitman, while Albon overtook his teammate for third place. Kelvin van der Linde dropped eighth place after being overtaken by Bortoloti and two "Mercedes" by Maximilian Goetz and Daniel Huncadella during the first lap.

Due to a flat tire, Ezme Hoki gave up in the first lap, because parts of the tire damaged his "Lamborghini". Auer, Lawson and Goetz did their tire change at the end of the fifth lap. Whitman and Albon did the same lap later, but Lawson managed to overtake Whitman immediately due to better heated tires, while Albon remained stuck behind the BMW. After his stop, Hunkadelja returned to the track in the fight between BMW and Ferrari, where he found himself in front of Whitman.

Albon put pressure on Whitman during almost the entire race, and in the 19th lap, Getz and Bortoloti approached them, which turned two duels into a four-pointer. Lower in the standings, Esteban Mut, behind the wheel of the "Lamborghini" T3 motorsport, reached 15th place, overtaking Christian Klin. Kelvin van der Linde completed his stand at the end of the 20th lap, and managed to get back on the track between Whitman and Albon, which helped the two-time DTM champion separate himself from the competition behind him. The Mercedes driver, Philip Ellis, performed a pirouette on the track and lost four positions.

Van der Linde began to put serious pressure on Whitman, with one slight contact in an attempt to attack. After that, Whitman separated from "Audi" again. In the 29th round, the current runner-up Nico Miller reached the 10th place, overtaking Vincent Abril. In the same round, Sheldon van der Linde's "BMW" withdraws from the race. In an attempt to overtake Kelvin van der Linde at the beginning of the 31st lap, Albon hit the back end of the "Audi R8 LMS". Both drivers continued the race unhindered, but their incident was under investigation. Mike Rockenfeller was the last to change the tires, in the 33rd lap, and the technical problem left Hunkadelin's "Mercedes AMG" by the track.

Lucas Auer was the first to cross the finish line, ahead of Lawson and Whitman. The fourth to see the checkered flag was Kelvin van der Linde, who finished the race ahead of Albon, Goetz and Bortoloti. Nico Miller, Vincent Abril and Esteban Mut completed the top ten.

In the general classification, Lawson leads with 175 points, ahead of Whitman who has collected 165 so far, and Kelvin van der Linde has 160 points. Goetz is fourth with 155 points.

The DTM season continues on October 2 and 3, when the program will feature two races at the Hockenheimring, before the season finale, which takes place a week later at the Norrisring.

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Saturday, 18 September 2021 08:35

Mercedes-AMG One postponed for next year

Some media published unofficial information that AMG will not start delivering its super car One before the first quarter of 2022, most likely because it still has to solve "certain hardware problems".

The Mercedes-AMG One combines a 1.6-liter V6 turbo engine from an F1 car, four electric motors, lithium-ion batteries, all-wheel drive and an automated 8-speed manual Xtrac transmission.

The combined power is 746 kW / 1014 hp, although some unofficial information says that it is actually 895 kW / 1216 hp.

Only 275 pieces will be made, at a price of 2.7 million dollars, and all of them were sold in advance, according to earlier information.


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It seems that the German brand does not know what will happen in the next decade.

Electrification is changing many rules in the automotive industry. Electric cars do not have as many parts as their SUS counterparts, and the powertrain is far smaller in size, which gives designers more freedom and opens up new room for maneuver.

We read yesterday that Daimler doubts that the traditional sedan will survive the transformation or the transition to electric mobility. We’ve seen it with their EQE and EQS models that don’t really look like the sedans we’re used to seeing with the three-pointed star sign.

Now we hear that they also doubt the bright future of the caravan. So says Marcus Schaefer, one of the board members of Mercedes. “The problem with caravans is the high pressure of the SUV segment. We have to see how that class will develop, technically everything is feasible ", said Schaefer.

And indeed, there are very few electric caravans on the market. Tesla, which is the world leader in the EV sphere, does not offer any caravans, and it is similar with other brands. One of the exceptions is the Porsche, whose Taycan has a Cross Turismo variant, which can be placed in the station wagon category.

We will find out in ten to fifteen years whether electrification will really be the end of caravan vehicles, until then there will be an opportunity to enjoy their charms…

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You don't have to be an expert in the automotive industry to predict that the future of the German Mercedes is strictly electric, writes Motor1.

But what does that direction mean for company design? If we ask Daimler's head of design, Gorden Wagener, this whole process means that we will soon see the end of the traditional limousine. And judging by the EQE and EQS electric vehicles, it seems that the new wave of high-tech electric vehicles from Mercedes will be shaped as a mixture of sedan, hatchback and probably coupe.

"Electrification will kill a three-volume sedan for several reasons," Gorden Wagener told TopGear during the Munich Motor Show.

"Aero is one. Secondly, with a six-inch battery, the three-volume sedan just doesn't look good, it looks s ***. You have to do something that visually increases the height. "

Although the transition to electric drives generally gives designers more options, there are some limitations. What Wagener is talking about is the fact that the top EV sedans need a large battery and that destroys the elegant proportions of a traditional sedan.

The solution? "That's why we came up with that bold design with EQ models, because it looks stretched, it looks elegant. So [electrification] will change the proportions of the car. We have to make sure that not everyone looks the same, but that fear has existed for about 30 years. We have managed to make them different and I am convinced that we can do that in the future. "

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