Apart from being the fan-favorite Toyota model in the lineup and being one of the last North American models still assembled in Japan, the Toyota 4Runner is consistent. In fact we’ve often referred to this iconic off-roader as the king of consistency. For the better part of 11 years, the fifth model generation has been available at dealerships and commanding trails. While we at Toyota of Clermont are thoroughly enamored by the current model year, even we have to admit that change is long overdue for 4Runner. Whether it be now or later, a large-scale overhaul is due for the popular Toyota SUV and we’ve seen some rumors that seemingly confirm this.

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What Might Be in Store for a New Toyota 4Runner
The Toyota 4Runner has been in its 5th generation since 2009 and many drivers are clamoring for a change to the body-on-frame SUV. While Toyota has not confirmed anything regarding a new generation 4Runner and what features it might have, many fans have been speculating a laundry list of changes they want to see happen.


Toyota is rumored to be making large-scale changes to the engineering features in many Clermont models. Larger models like the Tundra and Toyota 4Runner have largely remained untouched but that could all change soon. After all, Toyota has vowed to offer some form of electrification in its vehicles in the near future. For the 4Runner, this could mean the introduction of a hybrid drivetrain. This could vastly improve the fuel efficiency of this meaty Clermont Toyota SUV and add a bit of extra speed to its wheel house.

There’s also an idea floating around that there could be several engine options available on the next generation Toyota 4Runner. Many fans favor the current 4.0-liter V6, but adding larger and smaller options could reduce the overall cost and prime the Clermont 4Runner for wider appeal. It’s also possible that Toyota could integrate a turbocharger or other options in a new generation.


As with all generational shifts there’s a dramatic exterior design overhaul. We expect nothing less for the Clermont Toyota 4Runner. But, what would that look like? More than likely, Toyota will retain the high-profile and muscular design of the current 4Runner. However, the front grille is likely to change along with the rear-end, and sides. Due to the popularity of enhanced special editions for this generation, the next generation 4Runner might include accessories like roof baskets, tow kits, and other off-roading gear standard.


Again, new generations mean large-scale changes to just about everything. The interior of the current generation Toyota 4Runner has received its fair share of complaints. For a new generation of this Clermont Toyota SUV you can likely expect to see new infotainment options, a wider array of upholstery materials to choose from, better stylistic elements, and better space distribution.

One thing’s for sure, the power rear-window needs to stay!

Shop for a Toyota 4Runner with Toyota of Clermont Today
While it’ll be some time before the next generation Toyota 4Runner heads our way, you can still experience the Toyota 4Runner today at Toyota of Clermont! Shop our inventory online anytime and visit the dealership at 16851 State Road 50 for a test drive.

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