2022 Leaf

  • 2022 Nissan Leaf Design and Price

    2022 Nissan LEAF

    If advanced technology leaves fingerprints, 2022 Nissan LEAF is covered in them. An extensive suite of our Nissan Intelligent Mobility features is standard on the 2022 Nissan LEAF.
    It’s an experience unlike any other, thanks to the 100% electric engine. There’s the first time you accelerate and feel 100% instant torque push you to the back of your seat. There’s the wonder at the intensity of performance coming from a car with such a quiet interior. Then consider no gas or tailpipe emissions, and your everyday drive turns into something truly extraordinary.
    Unleash the full power of the Nissan LEAF’s drive train every time you hit the accelerator for a rush of electric performance no ordinary car can match.
    The Nissan LEAF is an all-electric vehicle, and unlike a hybrid, no gas is required. It's not a hybrid but gets the energy it needs to drive the electric motor mounted between its front wheels from the large lithium-ion battery mounted along the floor of the car. Charging is a simple as charging your cell phone: plug it in, and let it go.
    It could either have new bespoke EV platforms or electrified variants of new or redesigned internal combustion platforms.

    2022 Nissan LEAF Price

    Starting price for the new 2022 Nissan Leaf will be $31,600. Considering potential Federal tax credit on qualified Nissan Leaf the price should be $24,100.
    Nissan also is looking at using dirt-cheap, off-lease first-generation Leafs as a way to introduce potential converts to the technology. The monthly payment plus charging costs would be less than what someone would spend on gas, thus making the car essentially free. Nissan has more than 300,000 used Leafs to contend with, and from a customer perspective, everyone is looking at EVs, but not everyone can afford a new one.

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