When will the new cars be at normal prices again and their availability will not be debatable? All indications are that this will not happen in 2022. Volvo has announced problems with the availability of semiconductors and complications that will require an increase in price.

The exact causes of the disturbances in the supply and availability of semiconductors have not been announced, but according to Volvo's announcement, the company expected that the situation would slowly return to normal this year. Therefore, the Swedes optimistically assumed that in 2022 it will be possible to significantly increase production and sales for the entire current year - for now, they assume only minimal increases in this regard.

Problems with the availability of semiconductors are reported, among others, by the European subsidiary of Ford, Toyota, Volkswagen, and analysts do not leave illusions - this problem will continue throughout the current year, as predicted by Volvo.

New cars will probably be even more expensive. As if availability alone is not a sufficient problem.

Volvo said in a statement that the confusion over the availability of semiconductors was not related to the war in Ukraine, but its consequences would affect the automotive industry. For example, the prices of materials, energy and transport will rise, which in turn will require "working with prices to minimize possible effects".

Of course, it's hard to blame carmakers for wanting to make money - that's the only reason they exist. If, however, someone procrastinated with the purchase, hoping that this year the situation will calm down and that he may at least have something to choose from, it is possible that he was at least a little wrong. Unless he has a little patience, maybe 2023 will be all right. Or 2024 ...

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