In April 2020, Citroën went on sale, bringing a surprise to the micro-mobility market thanks to a design designed to be affordable.

Popular and inspiring, it is at the center of many events, such as Fashion Week in Milan or the Youth Sports Games in Brussels. Citroën Ami is already sold in 9 European countries, and since June also in Great Britain and Turkey. Accepted by private individuals as well as industrial or service companies with more than 23,000 orders, including the exclusive My Ami Buggy, Citroën's success transcends all boundaries.

«Ami represents the spirit of Citroën, it is completely connected to its customers in their movement and everyday life. We are committed to making electrification accessible to everyone and we are very happy that Ami has achieved such success in Europe as well as outside the continent," said Vincent Cobe, CEO of Citroën.


Since the start of its sale in April 2020, more than 22,400 orders have been made in Europe, to which are now added those from Morocco and Turkey, so that the total number is more than 23,000.


Ami mainly complements the vehicle fleet with industrial and service activities, helping to obtain a lower cost of maintenance.

It is especially suitable for companies whose activities require daily short and frequent drives, as well as for companies and individuals who need to go to the city center where access by vehicles is limited. Traders, artisans, local service companies, etc. who need to carry out deliveries or services, have found that Ami and Ami Cargo are ideal partners, practical and agile to carry out and develop their activities.


Ami's success has been enriched by meetings with other businesses with which it shares common values, which has led to the creation of partnerships during various events and awards.

Sharing communities have been created on social media where everyone can share personalization ideas, pictures or adventures with their Ami. The best example is the "My Ami Superfan" community with 112 ambassadors (65 in France and 47 in Italy) who promote Ami, share tips or offer test drives to interested people.

At the official opening of the "House of Citroën" in Milan on May 19, Ami was the centerpiece of the event as an innovative mobile object in every respect, from fully digital travel to its design for micromobility. Customers also had the opportunity to try it out.

Citroën Ami was also present in Brussels during the Youth Sports Games, which took place between May 30 and June 4. Ami had his place among 400 participants, aged between 16 and 17, from 33 countries, who each year share the same values ​​that Citroën shares with them through Ami: excellence, respect, friendship, solidarity and tolerance.


Since it went on sale, Ami has won many awards thanks to its boldness and the values ​​it represents.

In Portugal, Ami was voted "Product of the Year" in the category of electric vehicles by 6,600 consumers in the annual poll of ConsumerChoice and Netsonda, the largest research and services company.

In the UK, a few weeks before the start of sales, Ami won the new «Innovation of the Year» award at the first edition of the Move Electric Awards, which represents the machines, companies and individuals who strive to shake up electric mobility in England.

The Citroën Ami is on its way to becoming a phenomenon wherever it is commercialized. For now, it is available in 11 countries, in Europe and Africa - the Middle East, but it certainly won't stay there and won't stop surprising us.

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