Electric cars have motors mounted directly on the axle, or axles in some cases. This means that the power is transmitted directly to the wheels, so there is no need for a gearbox of any kind. However, some manufacturers are considering using fake manual transmissions for electric vehicles.

With the advent of electric cars, the need for any kind of gearbox has disappeared, which also means that many enthusiasts will be disappointed by the inability to change gears.

Toyota recently filed for patent protection for a clutch pedal transmission for electric cars. On the other hand, Honda recently announced that it is not considering the introduction of fake manual transmissions for electric vehicles.

CEO Toshihiro Mibe and head of electrification Shinji Aoyama confirmed that fake manual transmissions will most likely not be available in future Honda electric vehicles. This includes two sports cars announced in the Japanese manufacturer's electrification plans.

Manual transmissions, primarily in the form of control, interaction and precise timing between the three pedals and the gear lever, make driving fun. Honda says it will find other ways to make electric cars fun to drive, but fake manual transmissions aren't an option.

Speaking of which, it looks like there won't be any Hondas with a manual transmission anytime soon, or even conventionally powered ones. For example, no Honda available on the Serbian market has a manual transmission option, while on the global market it is still possible to get Civic and Integra models with manual transmission.

As for the upcoming electric electric cars, Honda claims they won't have three pedals, and won't make fake noise in line with fake revs. Toyota is certainly planning such a system for its electric cars, and we will see who is right in a few years.

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