Yes, the Fiat Panda experienced a facelift not so long ago. But that probably didn't stop the design team from working on this model a bit more and changing some more details - including the one that is visible at first glance.

Recall, the last facelift of the Fiat Panda took place a little over a year ago - in late October 2020. The changes were not great - just a new bumper, new wheels, differently shaped wheel arches, new materials inside, new multimedia and Sport version. Surprisingly, the 4 × 4 variant has survived, which is probably the strangest car product on the market today - a city car with all-wheel drive and a two-cylinder engine with a volume of 0.9 liters. You will not find others on the market.

And now the Fiat Panda will probably get another refreshment

However, as reports, this will be even more subtle. The whole confusion in this case was caused by the advertising campaign of one of the domestic dealers, within which, among other things, only graphics were published. The one on the right is of course the Fiat 500L, but it is not relevant to this text. The car on the left is important, which is the Fiat Panda.

The bumper finish is different, among other things, but the biggest difference is the logo - this is a new logo, like the Fiat Type.

Of course, it can only be a Photoshop slip and someone changed the logo on Panda. However, we can also expect Fiat to present such a refreshed model and that Panda will actually see a real change of logo - not just on promotional graphics. speculates that a slight refresh on the outside can also go hand in hand with refreshing equipment and the addition of new systems - although Panda already has most of what customers are looking for and what can be expected from a cheap city car.

And there are a lot of such customers

Here we leave the gossip and move on to the facts. And the facts are that Fiat Panda is still a powerful product in terms of sales on our continent. And so, in October this year, it was the 6th best-selling car in Europe - customers bought as many as 12,623 copies of this model.

However, a little refresh of Panda may be needed, as the annual sales decline was an impressive 34%. Whether this was due to problems with the availability of semiconductors or something else is not yet known. It is known, however, that the Fiat 500 simultaneously recorded a growth of 2 percent.

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