Sales of the new Honda Civic Type R are being discontinued

Sales of the new Honda Civic Type R are being discontinued

Many have been waiting for the start of sales of the new generation of the Japanese performance hatchback for a long time, but as soon as it arrived on the market, the new Civic Type-R was literally snatched away.

Waiting lists have grown to their maximum length, even in Japan, where the wait for a car delivery is more than a year. Honda decided to put an end to it, but not by increasing production, but by withdrawing the model from the offer.

The Japanese company has informed all interested buyers that they are forced to stop taking orders for the new Civic Type-R for an indefinite period. In their announcement, they state that this model has been very well received, but that due to disrupted supply chains, the pandemic and the shortage of microchips, they are simply unable to predict future production.

At Honda, they therefore focus on existing orders. And not only in Japan, where the sporty Civic has been waiting for more than a year, but also in other markets. For example, in Australia the wait for delivery is already over 18 months.

The Honda Civic Type-R is manufactured at the Yorii plant in Saitama, Japan, while the engines come from the US facilities in Ohio. The new Type-R was premiered in July last year, and it is still powered by a two-liter turbo unit, which now develops 330 hp and 420 Nm, with front-wheel drive and a six-speed manual transmission.

As reported by, the Civic Type-R in Japan starts at 35,750 euros, and in America the starting price is around 40,600 euros. In Europe, the situation is significantly different, because this high-performance hatchback in Germany starts at 55,500 euros.

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