Tesla is preparing the most affordable car

Tesla is preparing the most affordable car

According to a new report, the Tesla company could introduce its long-awaited basic electric vehicle that should cost 23,000 euros - in 2024.

Tesla analyst Loup Ventures recently released its 2022 forecast letters claiming that a new Tesla model, potentially called the Model 2, could be unveiled in 2024.

However, his prediction is not based on any insider information, which means that we should not take this as reliable information, points out

"Tesla will wait until 2024 to announce the Model 2," according to Loup Ventures. "If the company announces a lower-priced car too soon, it risks slowing Model 3 sales while ramping up capacity during what is likely to be a broader auto recession."

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Teslarati claims that Tesla China is leading the development of the new base model. Very few details are known about it, other than Tesla's goal of selling it for $25,000, which is significantly lower than the Model 3's starting price of $46,990 (€44,000) in the United States. However, given that the Model 3 was supposed to be Tesla's $35,000 (€33,100) EV, it's entirely possible that the Model 2 will never actually be available for just $25,000.

Regardless, the Model 2 has the potential to become the EV maker's best-selling model, and it could put the rest of the EV industry on notice and force them to develop similarly priced cars that are sure to appeal to the majority of consumers.

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