The cheapest electric car in Europe got a new, more powerful version

The cheapest electric car in Europe got a new, more powerful version

The new variant of the Dacia Spring model debuted at the Brussels Motor Show, and the main innovation is a new electric motor with 65 HP, which is almost 50% more power compared to the current version.

The first electric Dacia has become a real success for the Romanian brand, as more than 100,000 units have already been ordered. However, many complained that the power of 45 hp was simply not enough, and Dacia responded with the Spring Extreme version.

The new electric motor with 65 hp will be available only in the Spring Extreme variant, and there is a new transmission that increases the maximum torque transmitted to the wheels. The battery has the same capacity of 26.8 kWh, and the Dacia Spring Extreme will have a range of 220 kilometers in combined driving mode, or 305 kilometers in city conditions. These are very similar figures to the Essential variant, with the fact that the range in combined mode is 5 kilometers shorter, while in the city it has jumped by 10 kilometers.

Dacia Spring Extreme also has a completely new body color "Slate Blue", but also a number of design features that differentiate it from the base variant, such as copper-colored details, while the interior has been slightly changed, there is a new fabric pattern and a little more equipment.

The Romanian company announced that the average Spring driver covers about 31 kilometers per day, which means that it is enough to charge the battery once a week. In 75 percent of cases, Spring owners charge their vehicle at home, and it takes about 3 and a half hours on average.

Interested customers in France will be able to order the Spring Extreme from today, with the first deliveries expected before the summer. The price without subsidy is 22,300 euros, which is slightly more than the Essential variant which costs 20,800 euros.

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