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  • 2020 VW Atlas 2020 VW Atlas

    The mid-size mid-size crossover 2020 VW Atlas on the market will appear with some changes. There will be a modification on the platform. The new Atlas will be the largest vehicle on the modular MKB platform of the company. The first launch went pretty well, so the company plans to launch a new model that will surely overshadow you. A hybrid version will soon be released. Expect changes in the site as well as changes in style.

    2020 VW Atlas Engine
    2020 VW Atlas will get a new hybrid drive under the hood. The new version will be based on the famous 3.6 liter V6 engine, which can produce around 276 horsepower and 266 pounds – the torque rate. The engine will get huge help from two powerful electric motors, one for each base. The front will have a power of 54 horsepower, while on the back side we expect the strength of 114 horsepower.

    Due to different maxima, the final maximum power of the 2020 VW Atlas should go up to 355 horsepower, which provides impressive numbers in terms of acceleration. The load from 0 to 60 should be 5.5 seconds. While the maximum speed is about 130 miles an hour. expect a decent fully electric range of around 26 miles, and will surely enjoy driving. The basic model has a 2.0-liter turbo-inline-four units. It releases a power of about 235 horsepower and 258 kilograms of torque. There is the I V6 unit, the capacity of 3.6 liters, the maximum power of 276 horsepower and 266 torque. Both units will have an 8-speed automatic transmission.

    2020 VW Atlas Exterior
    The new VW Atlas 2020 will certainly be very elegant, as the company is making great efforts to create this model. The third row of seats is removed, it will be shifted in one axle to the standard three-part version. His new body will be a long 191 inches high and a height of 68.5 inches, the new version with him also brings new visual details.

    The front will be quite similar, just a little overlaid. The biggest difference will be in the last part where the new version comes with a redesigned roofline and a massive spoiler.

    Atlas new Interior
    Rare is a big update, the design is already at a high level. So the 2020 VW Atlas will keep the control panel layout. Small changes will be seen on standard features, but will remain minimal.

    2020 VW Atlas Price
    When marketed at the end of next year, the price should not remain in the same range, characteristic of this model. It should be between $ 31,000 and $ 49,000, although hybrid coupling will increase the starting price, but it will definitely be raising to a higher level.

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