Thursday, 25 January 2024 04:35

Opel is reviving the Frontera

The new Frontera will feature a spacious cabin, which should attract customers looking for a compact family vehicle.

 The name Frontera is already familiar to car enthusiasts and fans of the Opel brand. The off-road vehicle based on the Isuzu MU gained great popularity in the 1990s, primarily due to its off-road capabilities.

Opel has now announced the return of the Frontera name, or rather the model that they will introduce to the market this year. The German manufacturer states that it will be an SUV that will be available with electric drive from the start of sales.

The Opel Frontera will have plenty of space in the cabin, which should attract customers looking for a compact family vehicle. In addition to electric versions, petrol engines and plug-in hybrids are also expected.

The question arises: which segment will the Frontera belong to? Given that Opel is launching the successor to the compact SUV Grandland this year, some media speculate that the Frontera will be an extended version of that vehicle. Similarly, the sister brand Peugeot does the same with the 3008 and 5008 models.

On the other hand, there are speculations that the new Frontera is the successor to the current Crossland model.

In any case, you can forget about the former Frontera with a classic steel chassis carrying a body with an engine. The new model will be a family SUV with a monocoque body, which will also have numerous functionalities, just a slightly different structure.

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