Saturday, 09 March 2024 07:26

The battery for the old model is more expensive than the newest car

There is a widespread belief that electric cars are not cheap, but this case gives a completely new dimension to that claim.

The owner of a BMW i3 from Seattle was shocked when he saw how much it cost to replace the battery in his car - a local service estimated this job at $71,208.

This not only costs more than the entire i3, but it is also more expensive than the newest model, meaning it is more worthwhile for this man to buy a new BMW i5 eDrive 40.


Born from a legal loophole: Special Tesla Model Y only in this country PHOTO It turned out, after this case was revealed on the social network Reddit, that other owners of i3 models had similar cases, although not as extreme. One user wrote that they were asked for $30,000 to replace the battery.

Commenters mostly wrote that there is a "hidden agenda" behind such a service procedure, meaning that the service's goal is not really to repair the car but rather to force the owner to buy a new car, hence the absurdly high price.

Incidentally, one battery module for a BMW i3 costs between $3,000 and $3,500, while the battery has eight cells, so it's obvious that the $71,000 repair cost is inflated. Why - only the service providers know.

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