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A year of upheaval for Alfa Romeo

A year of upheaval for Alfa Romeo A year of upheaval for Alfa Romeo

The brand strongly supported last year's results of the Stellantis group, confirming a successful turnaround, with improved operating results as a highly profitable brand. Tonale achieved success with tight quality control, which has been significantly improved. The year was full of exciting challenges, but above all excellent commercial results, showing clear growth in Europe with registrations up 22%, which led to a significant increase in market share, in relation to and in contrast to the results of the region, where it was recorded down 11% compared to 2021. In terms of registrations, many markets recorded strong results compared to 2021: France +101%, Italy +22%, Germany +22%, Spain +28%, Netherlands + 84%, Austria +85%, Greece +163%, Portugal +174%.

Globally, the results describe a stable situation in terms of business results, similar to the consolidated results of 2021, and the significant results in Turkey stand out within the global results as the fastest growing market, with four times the volumes compared to 2021. In Asia, the Stelvio recorded the most significant increase of +25%.

The year 2022 was marked by the Tonale, the first electrified C-Class SUV, which marked the beginning of the brand's metamorphosis and is a milestone in the "zero to zero" process, which will enable the Alfa Romeo brand to become the fastest brand in the world to transition from zero electric vehicles (starting in 2022) to a completely zero-emissions range in 2027. Giulia and Stelvio, the main stars of the Alfa Romeo range and pillars of the brand's future production, have been renewed in terms of design and technology and are ready to position themselves as reference points in their segments, as which they have been since their premiere.

As repeatedly emphasized by brand representatives, Alfa Romeo brand strategies are driven by the slogan "quality without compromise". Indeed, the highest global goals have been achieved. One of them is the result published by the JD Power company in the USA, which is the Customer Satisfaction Index, in which Alfa Romeo ranks first in the world of cars.

2022 is a year to remember, and the pleasure and rewards don't end there. The result achieved by the Alfa Romeo team in the Formula 1 World Championship saw them jump to a high 6th place in the constructors' standings: the team's best result in a decade.

2022, which rewarded the efforts and dedication of a cohesive and determined brand, which aims to further progress in 2023. A year that promises to be full of challenges that Alfa Romeo will face with its usual bold attitude that the brand is known for, a symbol of noble Italian sporting spirit since 1910.

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