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The late 1960s were years of great change. Freedom was conquered on many fronts, from Paris all the way to the moon, and on the roads of America, freedom was conquered with the squeak of wide tires and the roar of V8 engines. Chevrolet's flagship has entered its second generation, and it has changed drastically during the mentioned years.

The Chevrolet Corvette C3 was introduced as a 1968 model based on the Mako Shark II concept, and all the drama of that design study was transferred right to the production model. The perfect balance of sharp character lines and curvature created another silhouette to remember and the Corvette was thus again the most attractive car America has ever seen.

Over half a century later, the C3 Corvette is still a dream car no matter which side of the Atlantic that dream is dreamed of. A few years ago, one such dream came true when the 1972 Corvette C3 arrived on an overseas ship and landed in Serbia.

"And how come you don't want her?" Kiki described his dream car quite briefly. However, the road to its final realization did not begin with turning the key on the perfect car. Although it looked great in the photos, when it arrived, this Corvette revealed a large number of shortcomings that led Kiki on the path of a two-year restoration. In the process, he did most of the work with his son, which gave the Stingray project an indelible personal stamp. As Kiki explained to us, the Corvette arrived in Serbia in black and with a 454 V8 engine, which after extensive improvements had as many as 680 horsepower.

In the end, why a rocket? The Chevrolet Corvette was an icon of space racing and it was in this golden color that it was given to astronauts from the Apollo 12 mission. The fact that it looks, accelerates, roars and thunders just like a real space shuttle is just an addition to the claim that the Corvette is actually a spaceship the American way.

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Chevrolet Corvette (1953-1962)

The first generation Corvette is the most significant American car ever created. It’s a Chevrolet first sport car. The man who is responsible for first sporty look of Corvette is designer Harley Earl. He was in love with a sports cars. General Motors hired him at 1927.

Corvette have an original design and impressive performance, not to mention its potent fuel-injected engines, proved once and for all that America could compete in the sports car arena.

At the first year (1953) Chevrolet produced 300 cars, and in the last one (1962) they produce 14,531 cars. In total during whole period Chevrolet production was 69,015 Corvettes.

Also, during the years Corvette offer different types of engines. In the fist year of the production Corvette have a 3,9 L Blue Flame I6 engine with 150 hp. The most powerful engine Corvette offer at the last year of production, it was 5,4L Small-block FI V8 engine with amazing 360 hp.

How much is a 1953 Corvette worth today?

Answer on this question depend on the condition of the Corvette. If is in the great condition the market price is around $660,000.00.

It is estimated that about 225 1953 Corvettes still exist.

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